Finally...I Landed an Animation...of sorts...

Ever since I got into doing voiceover work, I have aspired to at least have a chance to do some sort of animation voiceover - c'mon, I'm a dad of 2 young kids; my daily life consists of animation voices! LOL! I've done a corporate video presentation for a pharmaceutical company where I played a Sumo and his little brother, but it wasn't really a full out animation. Up here in Canada, most if not 95% of animation gigs (i.e. cartoons, animated shows, etc) tend to go the ACTRA (union) route (from what I understand). As of now, I'm still a non-union voice guy - by choice actually. So when my agent sent out a call for a TV commercial branding campaign for '09 that required a voice for an animated chicken - I was thrilled! They sent the script out, and asked for a read for both characters in the audition. So I put together the audition, complete with an improv musicalization (if that's a word) of the song the character sings (they had chords in the script and yes I played the guitar LOL!). My wife walked in as I was recording this, and couldn't help but point out 'how much of a nerd I was' (but in a good way). So basically I went all out on this one...That was about 2 weeks ago...Got the word today that I landed it! WHOO HOO! I'm a chicken! I never thought I'd be so excited to be.... a chicken. LOL!

Shame it wasn't a turkey though...hey, I'm an ol' WKRP fanatic...tee hee...


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Comment by Dan Roberts on December 12, 2008 at 4:47pm
That's fantastic! Congratulations! I love cartoons, too. Post a link to the finished product if you have the opportunity.
Comment by Mike Pongracz on December 11, 2008 at 4:13pm
I say I say I say....I'm a whole lotta feathuuhs...and not much who'd have thought I could cross Foghorn Leghorn with Canadian rock legend Kim Mitchell...LOL!

Thanks! - I'm gonna look up that dude who teaches people how to use Microsoft programs thru his CD series and see if he's got any chicken resource material.... :-)
Comment by Karen Carson on December 11, 2008 at 4:00pm
Bok Bok! (that's chicken Language..which, did they tell ya, you are going to have to learn) I don't think there is a Rosetta Stone Program for that.
Here's to you Mike, hopefully earning more than chicken feed. Say hi to Foghorn Leghorn for me, and a BIG congrats!!


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