OK, gang, here's the skinny. I got the booth finished today, just in time for a big session this weekend for the Rose Parade.

DAWBOX makes excellent plans, easy to follow, and very customizable with a little imagination. Now I know my taste is not everyones, but by way of explanation; I was too young to appreciate the sixties when I was in them, so I am re-creating them in my booth. (It's all the wife will let me do, I am allowed one lava lamp in the rest of the house.) Take a look, I think it's rather sporty. I did the walls in red wedge foam tiles, the door and ceiling in red pyramid, and installed bass attenuators in the front corners. I did manage to track down a zebra rug, and I found a cool recording sign on Ebay. I call it LavaShark studio, I have 24 lava lamps in the control room, and 11 sharks.

Go check out my Photo album "The Booth", for a visual tale!

I had George Whittam from ElDorado Recording Services come out and tune it up, it sounds great, and my noise floor is -66! Putting it simply, George is the man! If you are in the Los Angeles area, I HIGHLY recommend having him tweak your system to perfection, a great engineer, and a great guy, and you will sound better than you ever have.

I am running a Neumann TLM 103, (with an Audio Technica 4033A as a back up), into an APHEX 230, with a Yahama Board and a Mackie Big Knob controller. An MBox 2, a JK Audio inline patch, and Klipsh monitors round out the equipment. The whole thing runs with a PowerPC G5. I have Pro Tools, but I let it languish in a forgotten corner of my desktop. Every since Beau Weaver talked about Twisted Wave at Voice 2008, that's the only software I use for voice.

This was a fun project, I learned a lot doing it, and I think everyone should give it a shot. It wound up costing about half as much as a similarly sized store-bought booth, and is a LOT more fun!

Now, to book some gigs!

Carpe Ductem!
(Seize the Duct tape)


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Comment by Alton (Al) Hoover on December 18, 2009 at 4:08pm
TJ - Congrats on your finished booth. If you could share what was your out the door invested cost? Your right, George is the best! Nice pics!! Now get those tracks down for the ToR - Al
Comment by Mandy Nelson on November 30, 2008 at 12:26am
That is fantastic! And I'm sold on Carpe Ductem. Congrats.

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