Film Independent’s Filmmaker Forum Returns October 29 – 31, 2010

Film Independent’s Filmmaker Forum Returns October 29 – 31, 2010 Home





BUDGET YOUR DOCUMENTARY This workshop will help you create a realistic budget and strategic plan for completing your documentary.
TAKE ADVANTAGE OF DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN TAX INCENTIVES What productions qualify to take advantage of various tax incentives? How do you turn soft money into cash? Learn about some of today’s most-used incentives.
REALIZE YOUR VISION ON A BUDGET: PRODUCTION CASE STUDIES In this candid, straightforward session, producers from current indie films will give you an honest account of their journey, from the inception of the project through production.
FIND MONEY FOR YOUR DOCUMENTARY Who funds and who buys documentary films? What are the major distribution outlets? Representatives from key financing sources will give you specific advice on where and how to get the money you need for your doc.
GENRE FILMS: CASE STUDIES Genre movies are commercially viable vehicles that can be made for relatively low cost. Learn from the filmmakers who’ve made effective genre films.
DOCUMENTARY: CASE STUDIES From their experience making their documentaries filmmakers share their wisdom on keeping the vision and budget on track from development to post and through distribution.
IT’S YOUR TURN TO PITCH: PACKAGING AND FINANCING CLINIC An interactive session where selected Forum participants pitch to a panel of experts and get advice on how to leverage their projects’ elements into an attractive package for financiers, investors, and fans.
DOCUMENTARY: LEGAL UPDATE An in-depth look at common legal issues faced by today’s documentary filmmakers and the recent developments in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which allows for documentarians to rip DVDs under “fair use” terms.


THE NEW DISTRIBUTION LEXICON This nuts and bolts presentation provides you with a comprehensive view of the most current distribution practices: terminology, strategies, technology, tools, business models, and revenue streams.
YOUR MARKETING TOOL KIT Filmmakers share information on the key people and tools that helped them launch their films.
TRANSMEDIA AND ALTERNATE REALITY GAMES Focused around two case studies, this panel will examine how to harness audience engagement and participation across different platforms.
DISTRIBUTION: CASE STUDIES A group of filmmakers who have recently released their movies give an honest account of what did and did not work.
CROWDSOURCING: BUILDING A CREATIVE COMMUNITY Storytellers who are engaged in some of the most exciting crowd sourcing projects show us the way in which their works are produced, legally shared, reused, and collectively developed with others.
DAY AND DATE Filmmakers discuss their experiences with releasing their films simultaneously at festivals, theaters, VOD, and the web.
SHORT MOVIES FOR THE SMALL SCREEN Hear from those who are pioneering new media as well as the companies who are buying webisodes and other short form content.
PIRACY: THE REAL COST OF FREE In this roundtable discussion with filmmakers, studio executives, and technology experts, learn the many issues surrounding piracy and intellectual property in the digital age.

Film Independent’s Filmmaker Forum Returns October 29 – 31, 2010

Early Bird Passes are now available
Covering production, distribution, documentary, and emerging media, Film Independent’s Filmmaker Forum provides case studies and presentations on some of today’s most interesting new works as well as thought provoking discussions, and one-of-a-kind networking sessions.
• Evaluating your project for today’s market • Taking advantage of tax incentives
• Realizing your vision on a budget
• Budgeting your documentary
• Finding sources of funding
• Understanding distribution models
• Discovering opportunities in emerging media
• And more
October 29 – 31, 2010 Directors Guild of America
7920 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046


$199 until September 17, 2010
$350 for General Admission • $300 for FIND Members
All prices include opening night film and reception, lunch on Saturday and Sunday, closing night cocktail reception, and free parking all weekend.
Visit for updates, full schedule of events, complete list of panelists, information on special offers and discounts, and more.

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