As a Voice Actor, Voice Acting Coach and Ohioan, it warms my heart to learn about the rise of Ted Williams, not just as a voice artist, but as an emerging, proud and productive member of society.

It's obvious that his heart is in the right place and that he wants to do his best. I hope that this experience will eventually inspire him to make a greater contribution to folks who need a hand too - but more than anything, I hope that the voraciously hungry media and corporate sponsors will be careful about how much attention they give AND get from his story. 

First and foremost , he is a vulnerable human being.  He will need plenty of time and room to grow into this new life he has been blessed with.  

The extremely rapid turn around in his life style and success is unprecedented in any industry, even one as unpredictable as ours.  I'd hate to see this become one of those Lottery Winner stories - too much too soon with little, sincere guidance and lots of greedy hands.

Continued success to you, Ted!  Keep your head held high, with your mind and voice clear. 

Jean Zarzour

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