I've had a lot of people requesting coaching, and my time is so limited.  I feel if I get enough people to respond I might be able to do a teleconference class or some limited private coaching, so please check the link below and email me at lani@audiogodz.com if you are interested. Please include if you are available in the evenings, or weekends and what time zone you are in.

Why I am different than any other coach:

1.  I can hire you and I am a working casting director with worldwide clients that need talents with multiple voices, accents, good voice acting skills and my coaching helps with all genres, but I cast computer games.

2.  I have a money back guarantee.  And I tend to give a lot more time and help than you pay for.
 You can always contact me after a class or session and ask me more questions.

3.  I can introduce you to other agents and people seeking good voice talent, if I feel you are qualified and would be a great addition to their stable. This is Huge!

4.  I want you to be my competition, and I've worked on over 500 titles. Everything from animation and games to audiobooks and commercials, kiosks, IVR and educational titles and more.  Feel free to look me up on IMDB, You tube and Google.

5. I tell it like it is.  No time wasted on frivolous exercises you can do on your own, but I will tell you many things to do on your own that save you a lot of time and wasted energy.

6.  I can get you set up at home for the easiest way to record.  So many people have large diaphragm mics that need to be in a booth to avoid picking up room tone. There are cheaper mics that would allow you to record right off your computer so you can ride gain in these dynamic recording sessions, and also save trees by not having to print out your script.

Enough said.   I have given away so much time for free helping everyone and I will continue to do my best to make a positive difference in people's lives. But I can't afford to be coaching for free forever and I need more people on my roster who are all the best in the biz.   Remember the saying " Those who can--do; Those who can't--teach." This is very true in many cases so just know I don't make a living teaching.  I work and I want to put you to work if I can.

Thanks for your interest.  Class information

I wish everyone all the best!


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Comment by Philip Banks on October 29, 2012 at 6:40am

Welcome back. May you be a blessing to your students and they to you.

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