Until recently, all I have ever known is stage acting. Since starting to take voice-over classes, I've noticed a gigantic difference between stage actors and voice-over actors; not just in the people themselves, but in the environment they create. Every person I've met who is involved in voice-over has been so incredibly nice, generous, and just looking to have a good time. I've met VO people from Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and Kansas City, among others, and the one thing we all have in common (besides our career, of course) is simply wanting to be together and have fun while we're working. Since I've started getting involved in Chicago's voice-over scene, I've noticed that that feeling of camaraderie in between taking classes and doing gigs is completely deficient. We're all social creatures! We should give ourselves, at the very least, a few hours every once in a while to just kick back and chew the fat.

Enter: ChiVO! On the last Thursday of every month, anyone in (or looking to be in) the world of voice-over is welcome to come do just that with a slew of like-minded individuals. At the present, we will be meeting upstairs at the Bourgeois Pig Cafe. For more details and for directions, view the ChiVO page. I encourage you to join the mailing list if you'll be monthly, or even if you can only make it into town every once in a while. To join, pop me an email with the subject "Add Me". There is also a page for ChiVO on Voiceover Universe with a discussion board where we can chat between meetings. If you're not a member of VU, let me know and I'll send you an invite!

The inaugural meeting of ChiVO will be on October 29 at 6. I don't know how long it will go, but the B. Pig is open 'til 10, so that's the cut-off. Please bring your wallet to buy food and drinks--it's how I'm getting the room for us, and I assure you you'll want to buy their fare anyway once you see how delicious it is! If you're planning on attending, please shoot me a "yes" or a "maybe".

Looking so forward to meeting you all,


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