I didnt realize for how I had not been in touch with my Voice Over Universe!

As many have encountered changes due to our economy, I was hit as well. Although Im not sure it was really because of the economy I was let go from Univision, It was certainly during a time of inestability within the company which continues until today.

After having been with Univision for over 8 years, I was a mess! I was depressed and just in shock. I had the holidays to let it soak in and then keep on walking.

I was offered a job at MVS Internantional in San Diego which I declined. Then afer a few weeks, I was approached again. Taking into account how the unemployment numbers are running wild, I decided to take it. I was lucky to have an offer in these harsh times and trully feel Blessed.

So I continue my radio career hosting afternoons at La Mejor 99.3 in San Diego and now looking into going back into my VO World!!

Having already signed up for some workshops at the VoiceCaster in Burbank since back in Nov. of 2008, I had to loose my deposit (ouch!!) and cancel due to my new job.

Now, I'm searching for new classes/worshops and have found a few coming up in the LA Area.

It's a start. Again. Or should I say continuation?

Looking forward to GREATER things. Keeping the FAITH!

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Comment by Maurice Tyson on October 9, 2009 at 11:39pm
Since my birthday was yesterday, I had to give you a shout out - HAPY BIRTHDAY FROM THE BRONX!

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