Hey I would love some information from those of you who are repped by agents on both coasts, for work on both coasts. Ive been repped by Abrams in NYC for the past four years. WHile I like them very much I have had moments of questioning if they are the right place for me due to the lack of auditions from time to time. Anyway I recently switched time slots at WXRK, Im on 9a-2pm which makes it pretty tough to get out an audition with any sort of frequency. So my idea was to expand to the West Coast as the audition process there tend to be mostly mp3, I had some interest from a few different agencies there, but decided to be a loyal dog, and IM not repped by Abrams Artists, LA, as well as NYC. My question is for those who are working/auditioning on both coasts, my experience with my agents in NYC has been at times sort of out of sight, out of mind, meaning I notice when I just stop in to say "hello" etc from time to time, I often get called directly after such visits with auditions, as if people wake up and say a" Oh yeah NIk's a client, Ill send him out for this". SO, I wonder how often you hear from your agents on the opposite coast with work, auditions etc, and does the out of sight out of mind thing still hold true?.

Thanks, your insight and/or experiences in this arena are both welcomed and appreciated.

Nik Carter
Radio Practitioner
WXRK-92.3 Krock/NEW YORK
"ThE Rock Of New York Is BaCk!!!
Image Voice:
WNEW.com/102.7-HD New York
93 WXRT-Chicago, IL
94-7 The Globe-Washington, D.C
Voiceover Artist:
Abrams Artists : 646 486 4600

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