Beep Beep Beep...Speak My VO Coach teaches with PASSION!

Greetings good people! I'd like to take the time to share with you an incredibly positive experience that I had this past weekend. In this business that we say we love, we tend to get so much advice...until really sometime it's overwhelming. I have been given advice by some of the best in the business, and this past weekend was NO different!

I know for sure that if you want to be one of the best...DO WHAT THE BEST ARE DOING! Case in point, my friend Bob Souer. Phenomenal talent...but what makes him even more incredible is that he realizes that it takes lots of practice and continuous training! Well Bob, I took your advice. I packed my bags and took a 5 hour trek across the country...
Charlotte---------->LA to take part in a promo class with My VO Coach David.

First, let me say that David, My VO Coach is a true gentleman! From Voice 2010 to The SAG event for Don LaFontaine to his promo training....Absolute Class! (David send the check to .....) Seriously.... I enrolled for the class knowing that my good friends Stephanie Riggio and John Taylor were in there as well! We began the day with alot of positive conversation and we met Gary the engineer and Co-trainer with My VO Coach David. We went through a series of reads that allowed us to see where we were presently...and with the proper training...where we could be. David gave great insight and always, and I mean always found something positive to expound upon with your read (Even when you know it wasn't good).

Ladies and gentlemen, I now bestow upon My VO Coach, David the title, "The Maestro"....Every single read...EVERY READ...when the 3 beeps are matter what is taking place, his hands go up...his index fingers point to the air as if he's a conductor of a 100 piece orchestra...listening for every nuance...every word...your intonation...your pronunciation...your believability...YOUR YOU! He's "The Maesto" alright and he helped me find the right instrument for me!

As an athlete, for me it is easier to learn from those who have been in the trenches, and David and Gary do it EVERYDAY. Amazingly, they are patient with you and give you direction to help you "see" your evolution. Me recommending the next promo class from David and Gary is a NO -brainer! But you better enroll early...they stay full! AND NO YOU CAN'T SHARE MY SEAT!

Get in line NOW! for My VO Coach experience that you won't forget! go to to get the details! beep beep beep speak! (get in the'll know what it means!)

Jaye Delai
Creative Director
Voice Of A Nation Communications

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Comment by James Eastman on July 16, 2010 at 7:45am
WOW! Those are high accolades and David sounds like an amazing person. Isn't is great when those with the insight and experience will take the time to mentor? It makes the ol' Meter of Respect just go off the scale. I'm from Charlotte as well, Jaye, and heard your stellar pipes many times. To read that you are ever sharpening your skill is very inspiring indeed! Perhaps our paths will cross sometime. I enjoyed your posting! ~ James

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