Although voice over is a great profession (which I love!), it is still a profession.  Your love of your work does not eliminate the importance of balance.  I often read about balancing activities like handling paperwork, improving business savvy, developing software skills, and not to mentionfinding new areas for providing voice over services.  However, balance also includes time for life and living.

Time for life includes maintaining not just your vocal health, but your overall health: getting checkups, going to the dentist, getting those eyes checked, too.  We can get so caught up in doing our “thing” that we over look one of our most important assets: our health.  I have found that if I fail to maintain my health, everything in my life suffers. 


Time for living includes time for family, making friends, enjoying or learning a new hobbies.  Living also includes volunteering to help the less fortunate and charitable giving.  These interactions make us better voice talents as we learn from those around us and in our lives.  I also include getting regular exercise in this area, because unless you love to exercise and see it as living, you will not exercise long term.  Exercise is one of the elixirs of life and good mental health. 


Don’t forget that balance includes taking care of what is good and not so good within you.  How do you feel? Are you happy? Are you tired, stressed, feeling hopeless, or lonely?  What do you really want out of life: wealth, acceptance of others, etc.?  Do you feel you are enough?  Be honest with you.  Ask “you” the hard questions, and wait for the answers.  If you don’t like the answers, seek appropriate solutions. 

At this festive time of year, I think of balance.  For me, balance includes sharing, giving, and caring (for me and others).  During this season I encourage you to find your balance but also give to others, appreciate your loved ones, and remember the misfortunate.  Let your balance lead you to a life of excellence and good living.  I believe you will find that balance is the key to life’s success. 

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