I was talking to a TV commercial producer in New York last week and he had a sound in his head, it was the sound of a particular type of FVO.

"What's she most likely to say?" I asked.

"You mean in the commercial" He replied a little puzzled.

"No. Don't think about it, just hear her say something..ANYTHING"

"SO bite me!" he snapped.

"Pam Tierney - The female voice you're looking for is Pam Tierney"

"I'm gonna cast all my commercials that way from now on, cool! Thanks"

If Pam got the call Lee steered the client away from an MVO.

Now it's you're turn. Sorry but this isn't about you or a stock voice description. Attached (associate) a phrase with a VO you know, a phrase that would help them nail a job or at the very least put them in the radar of a producer or casting director.

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