Six months ago I started working as a volunteer voice-talent and producer for AIRS-LATINO, the Spanish version of AIRS-LA, an organization for which many voice-over artists record information otherwise not available to the visually impaired.

Last week, I was appointed Director of Programming for AIRS-LATINO, a position that is certainly challenging. A position that entails much more responsibilty, work and above all...SATISFACTION! Yes, SATISFACTION! Why? Because AIRS-LATINO is going to be the primary source of information of interest for the visually impaired in the Spanish community.

The information will be grouped in three different categories: HEALTH, NEWS and ARTS & CULTURE. But the big question is: Who can work as a volunteer for AIRS-LATINO? A person who can fluently speak and read Spanish and is able to submit their recordings on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Although my focus is on professional voice over artists, working professionals on those three areas are highly encouraged to take a step forward to become a volunteer for AIRS-LATINO. Also, for the ARTS & CULTURE category, students of THEATER, LITERATURE, MUSIC as well as entire MUSIC DEPARTMENTS or Conservatories are invited to submit their programs. If you don't have a Spanish voice talent for your programs, don't worry, I can help you on that.

However, my goals for AIRS-LATINO are as high, wide and deep as the Planet Earth. My biggest goal is to bring to AIRS-LATINO programming from big sources such as CNN, ESPN DEPORTES, MIAMI HERALD in Spanish, NEW YORK TIMES and MTV among many others.

In order to achieve that goal, I will need the volunteer work of a large group of Public Relations specialists that are currently working in the industry. The members of this elite group does not need to be bilingual in English and Spanish. But they MUST BE open-minded and MUST HAVE a high level of professionalism. The idea of having a large group of PR specialists is not only to achieve this big goal I have, but also to have a variety of volunteers to choose from when somebody is busy in their job. When it comes to negotiate any kind of exchange between AIRS-LATINO, the big companies I mentioned before and me, these highly specialized professionals will serve as a bridge in the negotiation process.

I would also love to have as volunteers in the organization, a large group of Sound Engineers that can work on the sound quality of the recordings sent by the volunteers voice talents as well as adding music and sound effects to those recordings...depending on the availability and quantity of Sound Engineers working as volunteers for AIRS-LATINO. Sound Engineering schools are HIGHLY encouraged to participate in this volunteer work.

If you want more details or ask questions about this great opportunity to work as a volunteer, feel free to contact me at or by calling me at 787-239-7928.

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Comment by Pablo Hernandez-Pagan on May 14, 2010 at 7:30pm
Hi Daniel,

I need people that can read and record any of the following: National Geographic en español, People en español, El Nuevo Herald or any other newspaper or magazine in Spanish. My biggest goal is to bring original programming to AIRS LATINO. Also, the voice talent who volunteer their work and abilities should tell us in advance, how often he/she is able to submit their recordings. Feel free to contact me if you need more information by writing to
Comment by daniel on May 14, 2010 at 12:46am
let me know what you need!

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