I keep posting here in hopes of gleaning some of the indie wisdom that I KNOW lurks around these murky chambers. My NEW question for everyone is this:

Do I, as a new comer, need an agent to find me work or simply do all the legwork myself and pocket the 10% for things like, ...well...food, rent...sundries....?

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend loads of time on a movie set here in Nashville and have been called back for another stint as a background extra...I know, I know...but hey...it's work and it's IN the industry I love. The contacts have been very informative. I learned that each opportunity that comes up requires the studio to hire a specific number of Union extras (do they earn more than a non union extra?) and they rarely hire MORE Union actors; rather they hire local non-union people. Does this mean it's smarter to NOT get a SAG or AFTRA or any Union affiliation because doing so really limits your odds of being called? Or by being a Union member, does this lend you some sort of street cred with bigger clients?
I hope to hear from all of you pros very soon. Also, I'm getting a weird low hum on my Hyundai mic and the only way to handle it is through software...maybe my gain is too high for recording?


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