By:Xavier Paul

The top narrators understand the importance of storytelling. To make the script come alive is the goal. Before the narrator begins to read the first word there is no character, point of view or reality built into the words. Even the producer’s direction does not automatically infuse the script with a reality. It is only through the performer’s creativity thru specific character, spatial and emotional choices that any script will begin to take on the characteristics of a story.

From a recording artists point of view (any person who works with the recorded sound is a recording artist including voiceover artists) a "story" can really be of any length, any context. The actual circumstances regarding time, place, persons, things etc may vary or not be readily included in the script. Or the details may be not fully formed. The recording artist’s job is fundamentally to be a storyteller with the recorded sound; to create realities with the recorded sound. For the voiceover artist, it is to tell stories and create realities with the voice only. This may be done thru embellishing the already established story/character or adding character to a story or story to a character. Sometimes a line on the page with no context must be given an emotional context, story context. For this, an understanding of characterization is necessary.


The art and task of building a "character" in voiceover work is similar to building characters in other media with the exception that there is very limited time to prepare and rehearse. The nature of voiceover is such that the immediate needs of the producers require the voice performer have an intimate understanding of their voice and a strong ability to implement technique. The ability to make choices quickly and dynamically is a competitive skill regardless of if its in the audition room or the recording studio. Of course practice on a regular basis allows the talent to make more effective choices when under pressure. With practice the talent learns to function effectively under pressure.

Here are a few ways to bring "reality context" to the voiceover scripts you're given:

Read the script fully: Many times voiceover talent only read their parts, the announcer lines and omit studying how the other parts of the script relate to and apply to the part that they will be reading.

Establlish to mood: Since we're human, we come into the world each day with a particulsr mood. It's the voice actors job to determine what the mood, emotion and feeling that the script is looking to convey in the viewer or listner. Then, once established, to deliver that mood with their voice

Make an active choice: If you're in a different mood than what the script calls for then make an active choice to get into that mood and then deliver the lines. This will dramatically improeve your performance.

Use deductive reasoning: Since there are so many ways to go about delivering a voiceover script, it's important to pick the best emotional portrayal for the script. Practice with a good voiceover coach to improve your ability to do this. Click here 


Xavier is an accomplished internationally known voiceover talent with extensive credits.


Email: provides complete voiceover demo production and coaching for voiceover performers. We also prepare voice-over talent to be equipped with broadcast quality studio with ISDN capable of delivering product via MP 3 in a timely fashion.

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Comment by Channe Nolen on August 22, 2011 at 2:32pm
Right On! Thanks you!
Best, Channe
Comment by Brent Halfyard on August 22, 2011 at 1:18pm
Good tips Xavier! I voice promos for a TV Station in Vancouver as a regular and I have many challenges, from dramatic and heartfelt, to humorous and quirky, then to dark and ominous and thought provoking-so all over the map! I have the acting skills and am excellent at visualization, but  I am sometimes  told that overall my pacing needs to be faster and have more energy, so I will focus on that after I've prepared my storytelling character.

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