A guidance counselor once asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said working in broadcasting! I knew from an early age say around 11 or 12 what I really wanted to do. Now it didn’t hurt that my father was a broadcast engineer. Perhaps you’re getting into this business much more later in life...Don’t worry about that, concentrate on the time you have and move forward. Having a Game Plan is always recommended!

As far as success go’s at this trade you have to be booking gigs, that’s the bottom line. Nailing the lines, keeping the agency happy, and or client should be your goal. A game plan is a life plan, it takes what you want to accomplish and sets it up for future successes. See I left no room for error, yes we miss the mark...But it shouldn’t keep you from going back to the plan. What is your game plan, how are you looking out on base? Life’ is like a game of base ball, you hit some and you miss some, we want to have a good swing and hitting many outside of the ballpark.

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