National TV commercial for the American Heart Association

I am filming this great gig tomorrow: Natasha - the clairvoyant Russian Gypsy -- warns the world about the danger signs of a stroke.
My auditions last week were great fun and the real ironic twist is that my father, when I was little and I started dancing, used to joke that I am just a little gypsy he picked up off the street ( this was in Spain and I was four, so it was quite credible). Anyway, I have been a gypsy ever since - professional Spanish dancer, world traveler, singer, actor, and now an over-the-top gypsy for the American Heart Association! Thank you to my agent Susy Friedman, I am thrilled to be doing it and it's for a good cause!

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Comment by Dan Roberts on September 25, 2008 at 4:18pm
Congratulations! Maybe you can post the results. Would love to hear a little 'Natasha.'

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