Ok..so I had my audition lined up with that American company who were interested after hearing my demo........had a bit of an issue organising the original audition cos of the time difference in the US and Australia...BUT ...it all got sorted out and at the crack of dawn ..i was in the Brisbane City Studio ready to go!!

The audition went SO well! so so so so wel!!
My voice wasnt shaking and i didnt come up in any sort of hives!!! LOL (sounds funny now but NOT at my first ever VO when i looked like i was having a MAJOR allergic reaction to something...SO EMBARASSING..i had to lie and say I had eaten something that caused the reaction and NOT the truth that my body wasnt handly the nerves of the session as well as i had hoped! hahahahah...ahh at least I can laugh NOW...)
ANYWAY...They said they'll be in contact with me soon and at the end I said jokingly 'surely someones gunna want me!' and he said 'Well WE wanted you didnt we, so thats a pretty good start Kathryn!!'.

It was great! Got me to do all these different kind of reads - like the voice of checking your bank statement, in car navigation, message on hold etc... It feels great to know that if they dont want me and dont end up using me there is nothing else i could have done to make it better so thats just the way its got to be! :-) And I know there is a chance they wont use me which is fine .. but I still love that I was asked to audition..its still a step in the right direction...

Phew~! Well there you go! i was out of there in like 20 min and it was done! Hopefully when i hear back from them it will be good news! oh oh and ive organised to re-do my new demo in 3 weeks at the studio i was at as well! yay!!!

THINGS ARE LOOKING UP......definitely looking up..

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