I know we're all still mourning the passing of Don, but I just wanted to commemorate the events that happened on this day 7 years ago. Those of you in other parts of the country may not feel the impact as much, because chances are you did not know someone who was involved in the horrific events that day but it is still very real to most of us in the area. Those of you that have been praying for Don's family, please add families that were affected by 9/11 to that prayer list, they are all still mourning the sudden death of loved ones and this anniversary DOESN'T get better for them every year, it just serves as a reminder. Members of the Port Authority Police Department, NYPD, FDNY, and countless civilians lost their lives in a senseless act that many of us will never understand.......

But as the phrase "we will never forget" emerged from the smoke and rubble, I vowed to keep a promise to myself to do just that. NEVER FORGET.

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Comment by Liz de Nesnera on September 12, 2008 at 9:55am
I was actually on my way to a funeral that day in Albany, driving up the NY State Thruway from northern NJ....I'll never forget the stream of military vehicles speeding down towards the City...the fear of not being able to reach my one brother who worked 3 blocks from the Pentagon in DC (luckily he was fine)...and just seeing my hometown in chaos....What's strange is that I didn't watch any of the memorials on TV yesterday. I remembered in my own personal way, and I think as the years go by it will be a more personal rememberance....I just wish they would finally figure out what to do with Ground Zero. Having a gaping hole there for 7 years is a disgrace.
Comment by Terry Daniel on September 11, 2008 at 11:01pm
Well said, Trish!

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