So my third blog is ready to be written already! The plan was (& I never was very good at sticking to plans by the way lol) to not write again for a little while until something wonderful and exciting happened...well waddayaknow...that time is here sooner than I thought! WOOHOO!!
Remember how I was saying in my last blog that I thought my stars were re-aligning and things were finally starting to happen for me? WELL...last week I got an email from an American company who had heard one of my ads on my voice123 page & were interested in hearing more of my work and talking to me about using my voice for future jobs..they do navigation type systems with various accents and lucky for me Australian is the flavour of the week!! YAY!!

SO...I sent them more of my ads and she sent me an email back today saying her 'creative team' would be sitting down to listen to my demos in a week or so at the next meeting and was looking forward to talking to me soon about future projects...I KNOW! HOW EXCITING RIGHT!!
Ok..Ok...I KNOW there is a chance I wont even be picked if the other creatives dont like me BUT that doesnt really matter...the fact that not only did someone important hear my ads but they even went to the trouble of contacting me, is enough right now!...PLUS..the fact that she is quite friendly with me already means that once my new demo is done she is happy to get a copy & I now have a brand new contact!!

But what all this means is I need to really get practicing my ads and get the new demo done already! Plus the home studio is getting more important by the day especially if I want to be auditioning for more overseas jobs...need more money to do the studio but ill get more money when i have a studio (hopefully!!) ..nice circle there huh! LOL

You know I think I need to start taking myself a bit more seriously too....I mean realise that although I've only been doing VO's for a couple of years, I'm not brand new an I'm ovbiously not bad at it! LOL

Anyway...I shall blog again in a few weeks once I've heard one way or another from the American Company.....

Keep Smiling..& I hope whoever is reading this has enjoyed it!?!

~ Kathryn

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Comment by Michael Murphy on August 1, 2008 at 6:07pm
Good Job! Nice to hear good things happening.


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