21/07/08 Day One: Making My Mark, Training: No Thanks and 'Kim Possible' fun!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for being so supportive.

Your words really help me on my way to achieving what I want to do. I'm going to email you Mike for advice on voice overs and the like. I've decided that I'm not going to go on that training day because earlier today, I sent an email to A1vOX training and the woman I spoke to over the phone told me the prices and I would have fallen over but I was sitting down. :) £730 is a lot of money. However, I really appreciate it, whoever gave me the advice, I just think it would be best to save my money on something like 'The Blue Snowball' which will aid me in my podcast recordings. Also, thanks for sending me the information about the voice over contacts book, I'm going to order it shortly.

I spent 35 minutes talking to someone I know from 'Matinee' and she gave me a lot of information too. She said that one of the most important things for agents to see is experience. Luckily, I've worked for Matinee a lot, so already I'm building quite a record behind me. Next week, I have an afternoon booked for FREE at Matinee where I'm going to get a demo recorded. I'm so excited, it means I could upload it on this site afterwards, and also, I'm about to enrol on the www.voiceover.co.uk for a tiny sum. She also told me about two other contacts, and she's going to mention me to them!!! It's all v exciting.

Dad sent me a link today which was from a newspaper. There was a video called 'How not to do the American Accent' and I had a go at saying "Lucky Lily liked to live in Louisana." You could send mp3 files to the newspaper and it says that they email back saying that you have mastered the Accent or not. I hope I have, I think I have.

Lastly, I had a little bit of animation practice this afternoon. Last year, I wrote my own version of a 'Kim Possible' script that I v much loved doing, so making sure that everyone was out of the house, I had a great time doing the voices. I think that Will Friedle is absolutely amazing as Ron Stopabble, and Christy Carlson Romano is equally amazing as Kim Possible. I tried to match their talent, but most likely failed misreably. I can do the American accent, as I was born in Florida, but I still need practice at it. I have trouble leaving out the 'r' sound that English dialect trips up on when doing American accents. Oh well. It was just fun. The hardest thing I find when doing the voices is making a laugh sound genuine. I can do fake crying. I loved the "Oh, I want my mystical monkey power again!" By the way, this was just for fun. I won't publish/upload any copyright material, just making sure everyone knows. ;) The characters belong to Disney!!

I liked this bit: (Oh the joys of voice acting when nobody's around!!)

Ron: They're kinda having issues.
Kim: What issues?
Ron: As in the villain type wannabee-wanting-to-kill-me-issues!!
Kim: Riiiiiightttt..........
Ron: I'm a real arch foe!
Kim: .... and that's something to be proud of.......... how?

Will keep you posted,


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Comment by James Clamp on July 21, 2008 at 2:19pm
Hey Rachel, i'm a bit confused with your first paragraph - you imply that I suggested you go on some training day but i've never suggested you do that unless of course you're talking about Marla Kirban over here in New York which you aren't but if you were i'd highly recommend it. Anyway, i'm glad you're sorting it all out and getting to where you want to go....


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