Notes from Deepest Darkest Staffordshire in The UK

Now that I am well underway in the transition from TV cameraman to Voiceover I have to say this is far better than hauling video cameras about!. I have to watch the waist-line though, sitting around for long periods of time is not good!.
With Camera work, it keeps you fit in the leg and back department. Now it's vocal exercises and switching delivery from BIG AND BOLD to a subtle element of British caddish charm!.
I find myself wandering around in the garden, gazing at the waiving wheat in the adjacent field to my house doing vocal ecxercises. The neighbours think it very strange. All I need to do now is eliminate the rampant cockrill I can hear who insists in ruining my takes with his calling at the "moment critique"!

Ho Hum.

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Comment by Mark Ewart .. on August 1, 2008 at 11:26am
Here we have a fine example of mixing Voice work with my other job as TV cameraman. It just reminded me of a one liner for a "talking products" customer!

Comment by Mark Ewart .. on July 31, 2008 at 3:54am
So, Annual Vacation (or Holiday) to us UK folk, comming up. Flying off to Malaga. Now the question is, do I take my work with me? I do have a portable sound kit I use when I am working away and I usually manage to make a half decent voice booth from the contents of the hotel room. ....and this doesent mean sticking my head in a gutted mini-bar! although it has come close! I have actually seen in one of the big Pet hyper market type places a kind of Cat basket, totally enclosed, well padded too! That would be great but "TIDDLES" writ large on the side is a bit off-putting! Hmmm........any thoughts?

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