So.. not much has happened since my blog last week..I've still been researching equipment to set up a home studio and plodding along at my dodgy boring (but bill paying..) 'day job'....BUT the strangest things have been happening...all of a sudden things have just been 'falling into place' for stars must FINALLY be in alignment to help start the ball rolling for me again! THANK GOODNESS!! LOL.....ANYWAY....a person who I see every so often happened to be viewing my facebook page out of the blue and saw that I was doing voiceovers..he asked me about it and after chatting & finding out I had just started looking to get a home studio ends up one of his best friends (who lives round the corner from me) just installed a $15,000 home studio and he is now going to chat to him, but thinks it wont be a problem at all for me to use his friends studio to practice and use for auditions at short notice...this is HUGE for me! lol

And everyone I have spoken to on this VOICEOVER UNIVERSE has been just helpful and I'm starting to feel much less like an outsider of the 'secret industry' of voiceovers and more like a member of a great career path with unlimited possibilities!
Thats the other thing thats been coming at me left..right..and centre...THINK BIG! Those two words have been screaming at me from kinda started to freak me out a little when I kept hearing it ...until I finally sat down and thought..of course they are is the time to THINK BIG!..MUCH bigger than I did when I first got into voiceovers and the amount of information on this webpage has done nothing but fuel desire to go bigger and do more things and soak up as much advice and information as possible. :-)

OH and I got a message on my profile page from Rick Party that 777 (yes, seven hundred and seventy seven!) people have visited my profile page since June I'm sure that included multi visits which is fine because i only know about 4 people on this whole voiceover universe so far AND unless they have been visiting my page many many many times (for what reason i do not know lol) I am very happy. How on earth did 777 people even find me on here anyway?!...And does that mean that someone out there is actually reading this blog..hmmm....Maybe i should start thinking more carefully about what I'm writing far I've been quite excited and been freaked out by the many random coincidences near me really am quite normal you know..a little eccentric I grant you ...

Well if anyone is reading this I hope you enjoyed my banter and hey that means you are one of those 777 so a BIG THANKYOU FROM ME TO YOU for stopping by...Be sure you come back when I load my new demo!

~ Kathryn

"Nothing limits achievement like small thinking;
nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination"
William Arthur Ward

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Comment by Mike Elmore on July 14, 2008 at 11:50am
Make that 778...haha...and yes...I read the blog. And one more thing "THINK BIG" case you haven't heard it~~~~

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