Okay, let me explain...

I LOVE the idea of forums and communities... I'm with all of them: Savvy, VO-BB, Voice-overs.com, MySpace FaceBook... and of course also Voiceover Universe.
I love that we can network, share our experiences, thoughts, advice, have fun etc. through all of these places.

Basically, I like the idea of a voiceover-related MySpace/Facebook kinda place. And it's really amazing that Rick has gathered almost 1000 members already, and the contributions from industry icons like Joe Cipriano, Bob Bergen, Beau Weaver and others are impressive. KUDOS!

But am I the only one to think this place has become too big???

My main concern is regarding all the discussion boards. These are scattered all around the place!
Currently, there's a discussion "Forum" featuring 16 categories. In all categories are separate discussion threads.
Additionally, there are 49 "Groups", each of them featuring their own discussion boards with separate threads.
That's very confusing!!!

One example: where would you ask a technical question regarding recording equipment? Let's see..:
1) In the "Forum", there's a category called "Home Studio". Not a bad place to start. But wait:
2) There's also a category called "I'm having trouble with my equipment..." Hmm... 0 threads...
3) Then there are the "Groups". Woohooo... "Gear Heads"... you could ask there. Or...
4) You could go the other group called "Tech Notes".....

See what I mean? Or is it just me???

Personally, I've lost track of this place. Don't get me wrong; I love everytime I get a friend request. I love to read some of the blogs, and love to learn from guys like Joe, Beau... but it's just too frustrating to find my way around here these days. I'd like to ... "KISS"... this place. Know what I mean?

By the way... I tried to locate a forum category or group to post this... but among 65 different locations to discuss, there was no place to discuss... THIS place. Odd.


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Comment by ilene russell on July 11, 2008 at 6:07pm
Hey Jacob,

I noticed ya...but truthfully only because I fell onto your little corner or this universe quite by accident, trying to navigate back to somewhere i went yesterday. I've often wondered about the future of VO U...I mean with all the traffic... is going to implode one day? :)

Why not bring your concerns to Rick? He's brilliant, very conscientious and a great communicator. I certainly couldn't do what he's done here...and very thankful for his efforts. He'd be better equipped than any of us to address the increased population here.

Anyway, he might write ya back with his thoughts on this... with a cc to all of us!

Good luck!

Comment by Dina Monaco-Boland on July 3, 2008 at 4:10pm
Thank you sooo much Jacob. I thought it was just me and my peri-menopause. Or the Kahlua I put in my morning coffee.

Seriously though, I enjoy this site a lot but I think I'd prefer a bit of consolidation.
Comment by Jacob Ekstroem on July 3, 2008 at 10:49am
sorry you had that experience. And it's not like the expertise isn't here, considering the company. It's just all one big mess.
I still think VO orientated boards like Savvy and VO-BB are great places to find or seek answers to VO related technical questions, but all the experts from all those boards are here aswell. It could work SO well, if things were more logically sorted.

Another example: I bet hundreds of members have logged in & out of the site since yesterday, but I doubt many have even noticed this blurp of mine. But I'm glad you two James'es did. Thanks.
Comment by Jacob Ekstroem on July 3, 2008 at 5:35am
HAH! Exactly, James!
Comment by James Lorenz on July 2, 2008 at 9:55pm
I know what you're saying Jacob. I'm actually trying to devise a gameplan to get involved with all the groups I've joined. Not to mention all the many message boards, blogs and notes. It's like the opposite of LinkedIn, eh? :)

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