After all these years, I still have to remind myself who I am: Radio Guy, Voiceover 'Talent', New Media Entrepreneur, Broadcast Engineer, or (ugg) IT Engineer. One thing is certain - you can never go back.
Let me explain...

In 1983; there was only radio; at least for me. Fast-paced, stand-up, talk-over-everything CHR radio. I was 19 years old and doing afternoon drive in the Buffalo market. It was only a kilowatt AM, at best, when the antenna impedance came close to matching up with the old Continental transmitter, but it was Radio and I loved every minute - even playing Madonna and Prince 3 times an hour. Commercial Production was simply that annoying script the Traffic girl dropped in my bin about 20 minutes before my shift was over. Foiled again! I couldn't wait to hit the road in my decked out '82 Celica GT ...Buffalo snowstorm or not.

Backtime and fade into the ID, then CBS Network News at 7PM and I dashed for the Production Studio, rummaging through royalty free vinyl for a :30 bed. Got it! Pre-read one time, ride the pot under the bed and print it to 1/4" at 15ips. No SFX requested - great! Then, check the timing, pop a bulk erased Fidelipac into the ITC, hit record, add tertiary and secondary tones. #%&@ - the cart "burped". Record the cart again and this time don't hit start before the music. Type up a label on the IBM Selectric and all was well. Out to the Celica after brushing off the snow and chipping the ice off the windshield. McDonalds and the sweet relief of a Big Mac with fries before hitting the New York State Thruway.

On the way home, under dim light, Lake Erie pushed a nice bit of snow onto the I-90. Nothing to worry about, though. I had a 6-band EQ in the car and the heater was working. Brand new Jensen speakers and the ionosphere were working their magic as good old WNBC, with 50 kilowatts ERP bounced off the night sky to my antenna. A crazy sounding guy named Howard Stern made me laugh. I remember a spot about Bumper Morgan and the Million Dollar Weekend on W-ENNN-BC.

Voiceovers? Did we even call them that? It was Production, plain and simple. As radio formats changed, and I moved to a 5 kilowatt powerhouse, we had a Production Engineer that "rocked the reels" and even hit record on the fancy ITC Delta cart machines. I just read the script! Now this was living! Maybe there was more to this "Production" stuff than just an annoyance after my on-air shift?

...but that's for another Post

Mark Jensen

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Comment by Mark Fisher on June 29, 2008 at 2:14am
Ahhhh The memories. 1988 at legendary WAPE The Big Ape in Jacksonville, FL. I lived in the production studio (mainly because I didn't have a social life but that's another story). Kids asking for "Kokomo" by The Beach Boys, Richard Marx, and Bon Jovi!!! If I knew then what I Know now.....

Great memories. Thanks for taking me back.
Comment by Eric Morgan on June 25, 2008 at 9:11am
Great story. The only difference between you and I: I grew up in Indiana and listened to the greats on WLS. You know, Larry Loujack, John "Records" Landecker, etc.. Thanks for the memories.

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