Full Circle Comes 65 Years Later for UK Voice Actor Derek Partridge

Do you ever hear stories that make you drop your jaw and ponder the significance of what you have just heard?

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing a dear friend, Derek Partridge, who shared something that you would only dream up in the movies about his life and an astounding invitation that brought him an opportunity to bring closure to a 65 year-old mystery which has captivated thousands of people if not millions since 1943.

For those of you who are familiar with the late British actor Leslie Howard (most famous for role as Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind) and the flight that took his life, you'll be amazed to see how this story unfolds and how the Hand of God works in mysterious ways, giving a little boy who was unimportant enough to be taken off a plane for a VIP the opportunity to live to tell the tale of the grave day that ultimately changed the course of his life, and that of Leslie Howard's, forever.

Read more about this extraordinary story at VOX Daily.

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