Do you invest time in aspiring talent?

There are a lot of people who chat in forums and comment on blogs who are completely oblivious to the fact that they are changing lives and are perceived as mentors to those who are in need of guidance.

If you're adding to your community, you're paying it forward!

Just a pat on the back to those of you who chime in, give reviews when asked, and are happy to give a helping hand to people who are new to the industry.

Thanks for all you do :)

Best wishes,


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Comment by Deb Dockery on June 15, 2008 at 9:58pm
Amen, Stephanie!

One of the reasons I left radio was the cut-throat nature of the business. People were so eager to see others fail. So utterly sad. I remember the "good ole days" when we used to help each other. Sit around late at night over a couple of adult beverages and critique each other (now, that's going waaay back).

I'm so glad to be in the voice over/voice acting business exclusively now. Everyone I have encountered has been so helpful (including you!). I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that! Can't wait for the day to repay that kindness :-)


Deb Dockery

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