Who's that Voice?

Have you ever heard people ask "Wow, I wonder who the voice of (insert any voice over role here) was? They were awesome!".

Literally hundreds of people ask that question each day. Many of those people hop on the web and do a little keyword searching to find out who the voice of this and that is.

I've seen it first hand.

Here's a prime example:

Do you realize how many people wonder who the voice of the Nasonex Bee is?


How many of them suspect that it's Antonio Banderas?

Quite a few, and some of these people have won contests with their spouses or friends over finding out that the charming bee with the sultry Spanish accent is Mr. Melanie Griffith.

People want to know who voices what, and not just for leisurely reasons -- sometimes, these searches are business related and more of these people are finding what they are looking for because voice actors list their credentials online.

Hot Tip of The Day

Be sure to update your voiceography (your Voices.com Profile) often and keep a current list of the roles you have voiced and companies you have worked for. Also, when time permits, comment on the VOX Daily blog on the Who Got the Gig column to share those recently racked up credentials, too.

If you're not with Voices.com truly consider the benefits of even a free listing as our Guest members are listed in the Voices.com search engine.

If you've taken anything away from this article make sure that it's about keyword search. Search is of fundamental importance regardless of where you are in your career.

After all, you could be the voice they never knew they were looking for.

Best wishes,

Co-founder of Voices.com

P.S. Curious about what else you can do or want to learn more? Read the full article here.

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