Well, it's finally time for the next step

As we all do, I struggle from time to time and wonder: What is it that is keeping me from getting over the hump? I am a constant study and I look and listen with every piece of advice I get. I know that having "the voice" is just not enough. So, with "the voice" and some experience, it is NOW time for the next step. Acting and Improv! Beginning next week, I will be doing one on one acting and improv methods and some basics. I will be taking classes on at least two nights a week, for a couple of weeks. From there, it will go to improv workshop with several others of all ages. I am so excited about this, I can't hardly stand it. It is another step toward what I really want for myself and my family. I don't kid myself into thinking all will just automatically fall into place after that and I will be making a million a year, but it is one more step toward the ultimate prize. As long as I keep making steps forward and learning from the past, the sky is the limit, and I intend to get there! I will continue this blog as I go through the various stages of acting and improv. Feel free to jump in and share your acting and or improv experiences as well. Until next week.......

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Comment by CJ Adams on May 29, 2008 at 12:55pm
That's awesome, Eric - we don't advance and grow unless we stretch ourselves and commit to more something, more anything, than we've been doing before.

Your commitment to excellence and constant learning is impressive and a good reminder to us that there's always more we can do to get better and be better.

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