One morning when I was living in Colorado Springs, Peak 95.1's morning show had asked listeners to call in with their best impressions of Arnold Schwarzenegger. (At the time, Arnold was the newly elected Governator of CA). They had listeners call in to vote for the best one, and I won the contest, which I was not expecting really, since I hadn't done impressions of him that often. I've heard better Arnold impressions, but I won partly because what I came up with was pretty funny, so a good reminder to each of us that do character voices and impressions that at times, it may be other ablitities, such as quick-thinking and the ability to be spontaneous that can help us win a role, even if our impression may not be 100% spot-on!

Anyway, this then led to them asking me to call in a few times just to do impromptu "chats" with them as the Governator. It was a blast doing it. Most of this wasn't scripted, so I didn't always come up with the perfect line, but overall I think it turned out pretty well and was fun to do and a good test of my improv abilities. These are the two interviews I was able to get a copy of. Enjoy!

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