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The Newest V/O Trend?

So I’m parked in front of the TV and the commercials begin. For most people that’s the cue to get up and do… whatever. But not me. I am a woman in the industry and a gal that has always loved advertising, and this is the part of the program that most grabs my attention. And I’ll bet that’s true for you too, right?

Anyway, the spots start and suddenly I am like a dog hearing a high-pitched tone. What the ---? Is that voice track in there by accident? Or is it the client’s… Continue

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Stuck in my head

Bob Dylan's new Christmas album... a mind-boggling concept. But then, I watch his polka-infused, accordian-accompanied music video of "Must Be Santa" and cannot get the hook out of my head.
Join me in the madness, if you dare:

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Voiceover Artist as Verbal Gymnast

As a voiceover artist, the ability to speak clearly, to enunciate (ee-NONE-see-ate) is key to getting the job done. Aside from the obvious time efficiency and saving the client money on studio hours, verbal skill is critical for this profession.

Speak clearly while speaking quickly. Spot got ten seconds of copy for a five second disclaimer? Sure, the engineer can edit out the breaths, but you’ve got to do the bulk of the work, zipping through that script while making sure that every… Continue

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It's Not ALL in the Voice

As a voice artist, it’s not unusual to have someone reach out, directly or on behalf of a friend, for a little assist or inside advice on ‘breaking into the voiceover business’. A dollar says it’s happened to you, too.

The ‘how to’ has been covered enough without my delving into it here… but the reason I mention it is because the interest in voiceover work seems to come less from the love of performance and/or advertising than it does from the idea that it’s “E-Z money!!” and/or from… Continue

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Top 10 Best Things About Voiceovers

Back whenever, voiceovers made tenth place on’s “Top 10 Coolest Jobs” list. At the time, I refuted the other nine and suggested that a VO career simply must be number one in that offers just about everything anyone (well, at least I and presumably you) could want.

That got me thinking.

There are a hundred things I love about working in this field and I know I'm not the only one who loves my job. So I figured I’d step away from the mic for a few minutes and list, in… Continue

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Coolest Job? Heck, yeah!

I just saw this article on about the 10 Coolest Jobs in the World and VoiceActors only just made the list at number ten. Which prompted me to do my own analysis. What jobs could possibly be cooler or more fun than voice work? Well, it turns out, none. At least not for me.

From the MSN Careers article, I present their list, my perspective:

10 Jobs Cooler Than Yours (or so they think…)

1. Cruise director. Okay, so you get to to travel the world on a… Continue

Added by Cindy Clifford on May 29, 2009 at 7:40pm — 2 Comments

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