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How to Get a Response from Your (Promo) Mailings

There's a one-word response to the question posed: "How do you get a response from your (promo) mailings?" And that's simply, "Frequency." (In fact, that's the ONLY answer.)

The reason being what you're trying to accomplish from repeated postcard mailings that promote your voice-over demo/web page is to:

     a) Make your name known (forward your brand through your graphic logo)

     b) Allow those…


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November 30th, 2010

Securing proper representation is key to building your career and achieving your goals as a…


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Eye Of The Beholder

By Kate McClanaghan,

Presentation is EVERYTHING. Especially to anyone in advertising or the talent business, which is why it’s vitally important that your demo website and CD look as good as your demo sounds. The more appealing and professional your promotional materials appear the more likely you are to elicit a profitable response.

Most demos out there are remarkably below par production-wise, but that is… Continue

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A Perfect Match

A Perfect Match

by Kate McClanaghan,

Here’s a little snack food for thought that you may not know about…

matching—The term used when you are trying to recreate the timbre, emotion, inflection, phrasing, volume and/or tempo of a delivery to make a change to the read or to correct a minor error in the initial read.

Also, if at a session the client preferred a specific take and simply wants… Continue

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Should you Inc or LLC?

Should You Inc or LLC?

by Kate McClanaghan,

Often I am asked, “Should I incorporate? Or maybe I should LLC?”

Good question.

At SOUND ADVICE, we recommend you LLC, rather than INC,…


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The Most Sought-After Type

The Most Sought-After Type

By Kate McClanaghan,

Do you know what your ‘type’ is?

In other words, are you fairly aware of how people see you and what type of roles you’d most likely be considered to play?

Well, are you thought…


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Staying Healthy!

Stay Healthy…Be Happy!

January 22nd, 2010

By Kate McClanaghan,

Here are a…


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Utilizing your Natural Resources

One sign of the super intelligent is their ability to utilize a variety of simple resources to their greatest potential. No one expects you to be MacGyver…but we all certainly stow away a secret desire to turn a paperclip into a honing device, don’t we?
For the rest of Kate's blog, click below:

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Chicago Home Recording Workshop!


Have questions on setting up or maintaining a home studio? You're in luck!

Check out what our LA talent had to say about the… Continue

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New website!

Hey guys,

Check out our new website here: and be sure to take a look at Kate's latest blog entry titled 'Self-Direction and Becoming Comfortable In Your Own Skin'

The Sound Advice team.

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Determining Your Commercial Strengths, VOL. I

The single most valuable, and unexpected, attribute you can develop from doing commercial work, aside from gaining the confidence you can earn a living for yourself as an actor, is the opportunity to hone your skills from one medium (stage, for instance) to another (television or film).......Continue reading the latest Sound Advice Blog by Kate McClanaghan here on the Official Sound Advice Blog.

Just another word of Sound Advice!

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Promoting yourself!

How do you promote yourself? Have you sent out any promo this year?

At SOUND ADVICE we offer a unique package: a tried and true mailing list and marketing plan that gets your demo directly into the hands of the folks most likely to hire voiceover talent (namely copywriters, producers and voiceover casting sources).

We offer Mailing & Marketing lists for the following regions:

* Chicago

* Midwest

* South

* East Coast

* West… Continue

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History, Taxes and YOUR Small Business as Working Talent

Check out Kate's latest blog "History, Taxes and YOUR Small Business as Working Talent" HERE!

Happy Holidays everyone!

-Sound Advice

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Question: “What’s the difference between a casting director and a talent agent?”

Answer: Check out!

If your initial questions aren’t answered there…(or detailed in the latest edition of “The SOUND ADVICE Encyclopedia of Voiceover & The Business of Being a Working Talent”)… then you’re not asking the right questions!

Brush up from the greatest resource you have at your access regarding the business of acting... from SOUND ADVICE.

Check out our site or call us directly to secure the latest… Continue

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What's the ONE thing you need to do to turn your career around to start booking steady?

That's simple... PROMOTE! And persist at promoting!

Call to secure the latest mailing list for the regions you need NOW.

CHI: 773.772.9539 or -and- LA: 323.464.0990 or

And get the lead out!!

Now more than ever…


CHI: 773.772.9539

LA:… Continue

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Looking to boost your voiceover career?

Sign up for an Orientation, Coachings, and/or a new Demo from Sound Advice!

To succeed as a talent you need to know your job, both in and out of the booth, which is where our unique coaching comes in.

At SOUND ADVICE, all of our coaching is done in the recording studio and recorded on CD for your future reference.

Check out the website and give Jolene a call to schedule an appointment.

(773) 772-9539 in Chicago or (323)… Continue

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