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How to analyze Voiceover copy

Hey VuVo's,

It's been awhile since we've spoken, but there's never a wrong time to discuss voiceover, right? I saw this pretty interesting article on Backstage that teaches you how to analyze…


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The Mastery of Your VO Career…

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Don Pardo, 'Saturday Night Live' Announcer, Dies at 96 - upload your tribute!

Don Pardo, 'Saturday Night Live' Announcer, Dies at 96 - NBC News

Don Pardo, who literally introduced television viewers to some of America’s biggest stars and soon-to-be-stars as the longtime announcer for “Saturday Night Live,” died Monday in Tucson. He was 96.

Mr. Pardo’s death was confirmed by his daughter, Dona Pardo.

Upload your tribute HERE to Don!

read the story:…


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IMPROVability Workshop for Voice Actors

Okay, this is very cool for voice over people who:

are in (or can get to) Southern California



You might have heard that Dan O'Day has begun

teaching a unique, intimate "improv" workshop for

voice actors. (Dan has a very strong improv 


It's called…

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YOU are the Star in an episode of VO Buzz Weekly!

Would YOU like to be featured in our January episode of VO Buzz Weekly
Submit a video asking your voice over related question of top dollar commercial coach, Nancy Wolfson, and you could be selected to join us in our first-ever Interactive…

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THE PARTY IS NOT OVER: VU has over 6500 members now!

Since it's inception in 2008, Voiceover Universe has grown into the most powerful social network for Voice Actors, Coaches, Agents, and Unions alike.

We've seen some incredible highs, some really LOW lows, but after 4 years we're still here with over 6,500 members Strong!

Many of you may play on other general platform networks as we do, but the mission to inform, educate, entertain and enlighten about the Voiceover industry still belongs to the internets biggest platform,…


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VU member Tom Kane gets SMURF'D in 3D

Sunday was a family outing because they wanted to see the SMURFS in 3D... ok maybe it was me ;) But, to my pleasant surprise there was a narrator in the movie, and I could not help but think, "Smufity, Smurf, Smurf, Smurf! Wow! A storyteller as an…


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PromaxBDA to Honor Legendary Voice Artist Hal Douglas with the Don LaFontaine Legacy Award

PromaxBDA will honor iconic voiceover actor Hal Douglas with the Don LaFontaine Legacy Award at the annual PromaxBDA: The Conference (June 28-30, 2011) in New York City. The Don LaFontaine Legacy Award was introduced for the first time at the 2009 Promax Marketing & Promotion Awards celebration as part of the 54th annual PromaxBDA Conference. Douglas will accept the honor at the awards ceremony on the evening of June…


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By all reports, Tuesday night's Voiceover Audition Critiques teleseminar by
Nancy Wolfson was riveting. For two hours, Nancy gave her astonishingly
precise analyses of a dozen real voice over auditions.

The mp3 recording is available for download...but only for the next couple
of days.

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‎"Sitting in VO Booth" can be as deadly as smoking!! - What are you doing to make up from sitting hours at the desk?

Smoking cigarettes is the cause of so much preventable, deadly disease. But now new research shows sitting for long stretches of time may be just as dangerous.


“Smoking certainly is a major cardiovascular risk factor and sitting can be equivalent in many cases,” explained Dr. David Coven.


Dr. Coven is a cardiologist. He says several new studies show prolonged sitting is now…


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Help VO Mary McKitrick get her well-deserved Emmy Statue


Mary McKitrick is a rock. (just check her website).  Which is to say she’s rock solid as a voice talent. She’s a seasoned VO professional, a talented and humble person, and I SHOULD be able to say she’s an Emmy-Award-Winner…and technically she is (Congratulations, Mary!)…but she doesn’t really have the statue to prove…


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Adobe Audition for MAC (Beta) For real!!

Note: This blog is mainly intended for those that have used Adobe Audition for Windows.



Recently I've entered the world of Apple! Yeah, Yeah.... don't start on me. But, after years of crashing computers, viruses, and waiting for my pc to load... After a discussion in the VU FaceBook group, as well as a nudging…


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Sam Chwat, Dialect Coach To The Stars (And To Us)

Thanks to @ GeorgeWashington III's twitter post and the ever growing hashtag #Voiceover I saw the following post...…


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Great vocal warm-up exercises from the National Theatre.

National Theater is an online site for on-stage actors, and thanks to @AleneCookeVO's Tweets I am able to share these vocal warm-ups with you.

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Join our Facebook group, and list your FB name.

Join our Facebook Group


Please list your FB name in the comment box below



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America's Next Voice in production! Joe Cipriano & Randy Thomas tap Ted Williams (Former homeless man)

AMERICA'S NEXT VOICE offers the former homeless man with the "Golden Voice," Ted Williams a deal of a lifetime.

Joe Cipriano &  Randy Thomas explain to Ted Williams,"We're producing a television show called, America's Next Voice." 


Feel free to chat about it in the VU CHAT BOOTH at the very top of the VU screen ^





The Voice of Entertainment Tonight, The Oscars and others,…


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What's New on VU? LOOK UP!

Many of you are swamped with your lives, as we are with Voiceover Universe.

On 1-11-11 we will reveal a brand new look to the site. We couldn't wait to add our new The Top Header, which is probably the most exciting of all!

The Top Header Bar…


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Voiceover Universe Holiday Giving

Greetings VU Family,

Happy Holidays! Where has the time gone? VOICEOVERUNIVERSE.COM is over 4,800 members strong and will be three years old in 2011! What began as an idea to get voice actors together in a fun way became the world’s largest and fastest growing social networking site for Voiceover Industry talent and professionals! When I started VU, I had no idea how much impact this site would have on our industry. We could not have been as successful without you and your… Continue

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VOICE OVER RATES: Is your voice only worth a happy meal?

(( we're talking about it also on our facebook group ))

There needs to be a standard rate for voice actors when doing local/regional/national spots. Far too often I am seeing talent sell themselves short when working as independents. I am talking $75, $55, and $35 for fully produced spots! Are you crazy!!!

You should get $100 just to sneeze on… Continue

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Audio Interview: John Garry (movie trailer voice) By: Andy Boyns

Interview by Andy Boyns

Andy Boyns is pictured with John Garry at VOICE 2010

John Garry is by far one of the most recognized trailer voices on the big screen, and in this audio piece he takes a break… Continue

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