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Audition went SO well

Ok..so I had my audition lined up with that American company who were interested after hearing my demo........had a bit of an issue organising the original audition cos of the time difference in the US and Australia...BUT ...it all got sorted out and at the crack of dawn ..i was in the Brisbane City Studio ready to go!!

The audition went SO well! so so so so wel!!

My voice wasnt shaking and i didnt come up in any sort of hives!!! LOL (sounds funny now but NOT at my first ever VO… Continue

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Well I'm VERY excited about it...

So my third blog is ready to be written already! The plan was (& I never was very good at sticking to plans by the way lol) to not write again for a little while until something wonderful and exciting happened...well waddayaknow...that time is here sooner than I thought! WOOHOO!!

Remember how I was saying in my last blog that I thought my stars were re-aligning and things were finally starting to happen for me? WELL...last week I got an email from an American company who had heard one… Continue

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So.. not much has happened since my blog last week..I've still been researching equipment to set up a home studio and plodding along at my dodgy boring (but bill paying..) 'day job'....BUT the strangest things have been happening...all of a sudden things have just been 'falling into place' for me..my stars must FINALLY be in alignment to help start the ball rolling for me again! THANK GOODNESS!! LOL.....ANYWAY....a person who I see every so often happened to be viewing my facebook page out of… Continue

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To Blog or Not To Blog

Hmmmm online blogging hey, well this WILL be a new experience!

Being the creative lil' button that I am..no doubt my mind will be flicking between a million things and I might only remember to write here every so often..but oh well..here goes......

SO....Very excited to have found a site like this a few short weeks ago & have since spent nearly every waking hour combing through the site soaking up all the amazing info..the benefit of my desire to read the site until the wee… Continue

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