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How choose the right Voiceover coach!

How choose the right Voiceover coach!


It’s amazing on how much misinformation permeates the air when it comes to voiceover training! Working as a voice actor for the past 25 years, I have learned how to spot a pro from a con! But many getting into the business cannot and many times end up with voice training from a poorly equipped talent that never should be teaching others the true art of voice acting. Several years ago I put together a checklist for those…


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What does "VO" mean to you?


 Voiceover means many different things to many different people. What does it mean to you? I start this off reminding myself of the most important people that thought it necessary to expound on what it meant to them. Don Key’s a legend in broadcasting told me over 15 years ago, that Voiceover was making it real, telling a story, painting picture or taking the words and breathing into them. All are…


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The magic behind the mic

One of the nicest complements I think I receive as a voice talent is, is that’s you? It really never gets old when hearing it! because it is a small reminder of the magic behind the mic. I will never forget when I was assisting a studio engineer with a project while a short bald headed man walked into the studio and reminded us of his session…. now you would never believe what happened to me when I looked up and heard this guys’ voice! My jaw dropped and I just…


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Be real!


There are two many Sunday Christians right?  But not enough real people!  I liken religion to this because what I find as a Voice-talent and Voice coach people trying to be something there not!  Specifically the area in which they’re trying to break into, such as Movie trailer, or Narration to name a few.  Why kill yourself when your not meant for that part?  Be real and step back and allow true pro’s to look at what…


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Have you lost your edge?

  • We all know Tiger Wood’s has seen beter days…but when will Tiger get it back? When issues that impact us from a negative action take a toll, I believe it is a smart thing to take a break.  Tiger is trying out a new swing these days that apparently needs time to adjust.  Perhaps we can learn something here…Maybe we need to step back review and try a new swing!  What worked before, may not be what the market calls for now.  How are you doing? Getting back…

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State of mind

Billy Joel’s New York State Of Mind” is a classic song that evokes many good memories of New York growing up and working in radio. My central theme here is, "State of mind" because like the song, we have to be in some

state of mind each day! I’m convinced that our attitudes largely determine our

success or failures in life. …


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Voices are subjective!

Will I get the gig, or not? Will they like my voice style or delivery? If you’re a seasoned Vo talent, you know this is all subjective. So many things go on in the minds of decision makers, producers that sometimes it’s just they had something different on their minds, like Morgan Freeman or a Jay Leno sound alike and they never mentioned that in the audition. If you’ve been in the business long enough, you understand the game and don’t get bent out of shape if you don’t score every… Continue

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Change your thinking change your life.

Perhaps you have heard somebody say that thoughts are things? Well they are! And what you entertain becomes your reality. Positive thinkers like Norman Vincent Pele and Dr. Robert Schuler both said this and taught that negative thoughts created negative environments. If you really believe this, then what thoughts do you entertain? Is it of success and triumph, or disaster and despair? Take a moment and envision what success looks like, now think of what failure looks like. Both of these are… Continue

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Goals are important in life no matter what you’re trying to accomplish. When I embarked on this journey in 1986 in Voice-over I had a desire to win and allowed nothing, including age to hold me back. It is a fact that your dreams may not be anyone else’s, and chances are people wont understand your determination doing so! If you want to succeed at this business, reputation is so important! How you treat others ultimately comes full circle. Think of the people you talk to regularly and those who… Continue

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What’s stopping you?

In a day it’s not imposable to speak to over 100 people, how about 350 people a day! If your wanting to find an agent and someone that will represent you, you will have to pick up the phone and smile and dial baby;-)) Its not always easy having the phone hang up on you, however the proven number of calls made shows that persistence pays over the long haul. What you can expect commonly out of 100 calls, at least 15-20 that may want to have some continued dialog with you and your voice. How many… Continue

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Can I do this?

Many wonder if Voice-overs are right for them! This is a trade that you should learn to love, and love to learn. My experience in the industry has given me true insight as to the realities and possibilities for a talent pursuing voice-over. In a sea of voices there is many more people getting in to this business, that can be a little freighting and exciting if you are in it for the long run. I have had many mentors throughout my career and almost positive that there will be more as I stick with… Continue

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Voice-over JAUNDRA’s

As I tell my students studying Voice-over, there are as many different reads in voice-over as music Jaundra’s! Knowing this is very important and critical to your success. A seasoned professional will know this and certainly will stay in their range of delivery. Not many people are great…


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Realizing your potential

Have you ever doubted yourself? It’s not that you suffer from depression or low self esteem; it’s when you just don’t know what to think…you’re at the point where you just don’t know what to do! I have been there, and you know what…it helps me to go through that now and then to reset. A good old fashioned reality check sometimes is in order.

In business you’re in control of your destiny, I believe that; and hope you do as well. If you are going to realize your full potential in… Continue

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Show me the money

Jerry McGuire’s line “Show me the money” has been my motto and business principle. I just think if you are good, you shouldn’t have to lower your price! Sure there’s plenty who will; and cheapen their worth in my opinion. Your reputation in how low you can go will travel to fast. If this is your bread and butter so to speak, let them know you have mouths to feed!

I don’t feel bad asking what I feel I’m worth, and you shouldn’t either. Have you ever paid for something… Continue

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A recession proof job!

As the recession continues, companies still needs to reach consumers and that means voice-over talent make money! Make no mistake about it...Voice-over and advertizing a multibillion dollar industry that continues to make headway. Whether you want to supplement your income or make a great living, voice-over opportunities are plentiful. As a talent that voices commercials for…


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My best voice-over ever!

What was your best voice-over ever? The one that you felt was important to brag about? I was privileged to have done some Voice work for the late Peter Jennings of “World News Tonight” What a thrill it was to know it made it on Network TV.

Not everything you will do will have that kind…


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To be good at something

For any great achievement to take hold; hard work and vision were always part of the plan! During training there is always rough weather, and temporary setbacks that can seem at times strong enough to knock us off our feet. What makes people great is getting up after each setback and never giving in to defeat. Life is a gift and knowing that in itself should give you the motivation to try…


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You’re business plan

At the end of the day when it’s all said and done it’s your business! Plenty of company’s make their people evaluate job performance and it makes a person think a little, not such a bad thing. Stepping back and evaluating your business plan and retooling how you do things may help to breathe new life into your business. A friend of mine did this and found out how much time he was…


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For the love of the business

Many people ask me how I make it in this business, I tell them I love what I do! I believe that is an important trait to succeeding in Voice-over. Besides a love, a true passion that seeks out professional mentors and trainers that can give the edge you’ll need to make it! You may have a good voice and have gotten lucky here and there, but that won’t keep food on the…


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Not giving up

We all want to taste the sweetness of success in our careers, but are willing to not give up? I write this to say no matter whom you may be; or what you have been told, success can be had by you if you are determined and plugged in. That is the part that gets people scratching their heads...Plugged in means your abilities are being shopped around to the right decision makers and you have some wicked favor from above.

I just turned 40 years old and you could say I have been around the… Continue

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