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Your MP3 Demo on YouTube?

Nowadays it’s more important than ever, to have a demo that stands out above the crowd. You NEED something different. Jason LeBlanc, with the help of some pro video guys, has come up with a unique way to change your MP3 voice demo into a You Tube Style video. I’ve booked several animation jobs because I sent a video demo instead of an audio MP3. If you’re interested drop by My Next Demo and have a look see. It really is worth it. Thus ends… Continue

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OK I finally got a New Web Site

I was going for the thing I'm the best at...SIMPLE ... lol If you have a minute and want to pop by and have a peek, that would be great, Cox Marketing
Cheers and THANKS

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You've Been in Radio to Long if..

You know you’ve been in radio too long if …

You were first hired by a GM who actually worked in radio before becoming GM.

You excitedly turn the radio up at the sound of “dead air” on the competitor’s station.

Sales guys wore Old Spice to cover the smell of liquor.

You were playing Elvis’ number one hits when he was alive.

You worked for only ONE station, and you could name the guy who owned it.

You remember when normal… Continue

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Fox News...BLOW ME !!

I have to say I’m very proud of our troops fighting over in Afghanistan. Over 100 have died for a US cause. We are helping the US and then Fox News come out with a blatant onslaught on our troops. It’s not enough that they have to worry about getting killed by the they're being attacked by the media in the US. to read more and see the video

You should very proud of America with those kind of… Continue

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Dan O Day gave me a little mention..YIKES

Dan, the Advertising and Radio Guru, ran a contest last week. "The Can You write and produce better Crap than this" contest featured a commercial from Target. He gave a brief outline of what should be in the commercial. So I entered, using my warped sense of humour. Here's a link

Your comments are welcome too

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Branding yourself in 2 minutes flat

This is really a blast you've got to try might save you some money...comments are welcome

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VO, FILM and ACTORS in the NYC area

This looks like a cool place to network. Cheers...Bryan Cox

I just found this link

Registration is now open for the highly anticipated...


"The Largest Event for the Entertainment Industry"

Sunday March 29, 2009 10 AM - 6 PM

Hilton, New York City



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My little TV Clip

Look for the Passport Official...what a jack The show is call Corner Gas and is pretty big in… Continue

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Cox on TV CLIP

They say you get 15 minutes of's my first 15 sec.

Look about 4 minutes in for the bald customs officer...he's a


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Cox on TV

A little FYI here....The episode of “Corner Gas” that I make a small appearance in will be airing on Monday Jan 12. The Episode is called “American Resolution”. For those in the US you can try to find it on WGN. In Canada it will air on the CTV Network. Look for the bald Customs Officer being called a "Jack Ass"......ummm maybe that's type Hope you can catch it

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Saying...THANK YOU!!

After 5 days of hell, I'm back. What did I come back to? I came back to a FLOOD of wishes and prayers being sent my way. This was overwelming to say to least. I'm still not 100 % but every day things get better. Saying just "thank you" really can't cover the way you've all made me feel. You really are a family here weather you know it or not. I've taken every single message, wish and prayer to Heart and it's only making it stronger everyday. So from my family to the VO Universe family....THANK… Continue

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Radio you Remember?

Remember those un-creative Christmas greetings we all had to read about this time of the year? "The staff and Management would like to wish you and yours..bla...bla...bla" I remember doing 40 or 50x15 of those over a week. Ya gotta love the sales guys.

This year a client of mine, stepped outside the local radio scene. Came to me wanting something new and asked me what I could come up with. So here's what I came up with for the way he bought it... YOU THOUGHTS ARE WELCOME…


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A Comedy Audio Book

Now this is shameless. I’m going to promote my audio book “Road Stories of the Real Highway Comics”. This is completely produced, written and voiced by yours truly and now is available at, amazon, and on iTunes. The book is a collection of stories of what it’s really like to be a struggling comic on the road today. Not a club comic but a true “road” comic. Yes the good shows and bad shows, the hecklers and alot more are outlined.… Continue

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I got sent this from FOX...but alas...I suck a video editing. They give you all the clips etc to make up a spot. Just thought you guys might be interested in this.

Cheers and comments are very welcome
Bry could make up your own trailer for this too

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FRAGILE...Yup that's us

Julies post got me thinking about how close we are all to life changing and ending moments. I wrote this for a online magazine awhile ago. SOME of you have read this story, please excuse me, but I thought I'd share just one more time...What you're about to read is 100% TRUE....

I decided to leave a 25 year radio career and work following my dream as a Stand-Up Comic. Things were going quite well, but every time I turned around, businesses were asking me to voice their… Continue

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Election Winners in Canada and the US

What really get me, is that this time round I never got any election VO jobs. So here's my comment from the Canuk side of the fence on both elections.

What are the chances that an election would be going on in Canada and the US at the same time. Pretty good if you consider that, in the US, a child could be born when the election process starts, and be walking and talking by the time it finishes.

In the US the candidates have high priced image consultants that make sure that they look… Continue

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Making the most of the Bail Out. Well Halloween is almost upon us and the search for the scariest costume starts. This year if you really want to scare folks I would suggest dress up as the past CEO of Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac or Lehman Brothers. People will recognize you right away because of the limo your riding in and the golden parachute strapped to your back. You must also barge up to every door while kicking the little people out of the way. It’s very important to remember that when you… Continue

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Getting Touchy and Feely

We Should Feel by Bryan Cox.mp3

I was asked to come up with kind of a "Hallmark Moment" for a client. He wanted something that explained, that they should always treat every customer with respect...This is what I did for him and his staff.
Your comments are most welcome. I just hope you enjoy this piece.
Bryan Cox

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Voice Over and the Union

Here's a great article from the NY Times....Cheers
Bryan Cox

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