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Thoughts On Thinking Big

You’ve heard or seen the chatter of certain individuals within and outside of our business who appear to know everything there is to know about their subject, their field of work or specialty. They say they are at the top of their game, boast of their material possessions and brag their credits constantly, and insist that taking any kind of training or learning anything new is useless and unnecessary.

In essence, they have stopped to grow their intellectual knowledge base.… Continue

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See Success with a Winning Attitude

Despite the challenging economic times, many businesses manage to keep their heads above water, which can bring the best out in people.

I'm not just in this field of voice acting for the money, although coming off of my best year ever certainly helps. I just realized that I've been a professional working and supported by the microphone for almost for over three quarters of my LIFE! I must say I absolutely love what I do. I think if you are enthusiastic and believe in yourself and… Continue

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VOICE 2008- My Wrap Photos

Many new friends, old pals and learning. Good times, laughs, and growth. I love bonding! Well this post will wrap up my commentary and experiences. Hope to see you all next year!

By the way, for anybody who was at this event and would like a sneak peek at all of Cece's pro photos check 'em out. She did an excellent job of capturing the feel of Voice 2008.

VO-BB West: Greg Houser, Amanda Fellows, Dave CourVO, Eric Souer, Bob… Continue

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I Rock The Mic VO

Social networking is a must these days. So far, I am building several networks and getting "out there" on myspace, facebook, linkedin, plaxo hi5, Digg, etc. etc.... So far, from what I can tell, this takes a chunk of time...but it can be fun. I can only engage when I am not otherwise working or having a life.

Moderation and balance are key!

A few weeks back I joined as the 105th or so member of the latest voiceover networking rage, I rock the mic vo!

This site… Continue

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What's Never Out of Style? Part 2

I must confess I felt like I was in the "Twilight Zone" right after I published Part 1 of this series and then opened my email.

No sooner had I uploaded the file and podcast, but a very intriguing story appeared in the Vox Daily that day that gave me pause. But, which dovetails perfectly with this short series.

Stephanie Ciccarelli was covering the Voice Coaches Marketing Expo conference citing trends in "Big League VO" presented by Billy Serow of New York's… Continue

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What is Never Out Of Style?

The following is a recent post on my blog with accompanying podcast at

What Is Never Out Of Style?

It is useful to sometimes reflect upon one's past experiences in order to gain a sense of perspective on the current state of the voice-over world. That sense of history and the way things used to be done in comparison to how things are handled now also presents some startling , highly contrasting… Continue

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Bobbin's Blog

Hi Everyone,
I already have a dedicated blog site and may post here occasionaly as well. Feel free to drop by and leave a comment.

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