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Hiding Behind The Mask

My favorite time of year is upon us yet again.  For those of you new to my world, I love Halloween the most because I find most people more ‘themselves’.  If you go out for the evening, or on the streets with the kids, pay attention to how much more approachable people are.   I truly find people come out of their shell because they are behind a mask for protection.  Just like when people have a little drinky poo to allow them to feel more comfortable at a venue or to get up and…


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Where does your voice style fit?

You will need the following ingredients:

- Voice talent with their own unique style.

- The right agent to suit your abilities.

- Home studio or in person studio.

- Genres you suit.

- Demo to sample your expertise in that particular…


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Happy Halloween - Client Horror Stories

You got the job!  You’re at the mic, you have the script and you did the audition.  You know exactly what you did in the audition and you are ready with your character.  You open your mouth and go through the first read.  The client says, “Great!  Now let’s try one just a bit more natural”  You think, “No problem”  You take another pass and yet again the client asks for it to be more natural “Just…


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Finding Your Niche Market

I have a special treat for you all this month, an article from a dear friend, a protege of mine, and on top of all of that  my wonderful assistant, John.  Bon appetite!

Finding your niche market.

  • Be willing to work outside of your chosen genre
  • Every spot that you do that is not “you” is a character
  • Voice over is still a business – make successful business choices.
  • You can still work toward your goals and dreams while finding success in other…

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Creating A Rate Sheet


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Why Isn’t My Demo Getting Me Work And Agents?!

So you have your demo, now what?w Why isn’t the work just coming in?  You were told to get a killer demo -  you spent the time and money to do that, and now you’re shopping it out to ‘EVERYWHERE’ and nothing!

Perhaps you’re getting a bit of work but no new bites coming…


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Let Your Inner Freak Out


Have you ever considered that Voice Acting is a healing process?  In fact acting of any kind usually lends itself to a sense of healing for those that seek it.  There are many types of personalities out there that dabble into the VO market.  Some are actors, broadcasters, and more while others are lawyers, doctors all the way…


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ISDN Crisis? Source Connect to the rescue

Listen in on this Source Connect interview with programmer Rebekah Wilson, who, along with an incredible team of experts, created the program Source Connect back in 2005.

What started as a conversation at the dinner table, soon turned into a reality allowing voice talent to send or receive remote recording signals and bridges to ISDN connections, allowing you to record virtually from anywhere in the world via internet or intranet and never…


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Recording From Home Etiquette

Recording from Home Etiquette

Recipe Format:

In an environment of your choice carefully blend:

1 quiet environment

1 home studio

1 housecoat

1 schedule

A ton of dedication

1 supportive family


The hardest part about this recipe is obtaining the first ingredient.  It’s one thing to have all the right equipment but it’s a completely different matter trying to get your environment to cooperate with you.

“Mom did you turn…


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Making Your Online Audition Stand Out

Due to the most recent audition I posted for a local Ford client, I find it absolutely necessary to share some Audition Do’s and Don’ts for your AT HOME auditions.  If I could only play for you all the auditions I received!

From your home computer:


Be sure you are suited for this project

1 proper acoustic studio

1 recorded mp3 audition – (edited to final take or 2, but do not…


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We still have a 3 more spots available for our LAST Calgary workshop.  We will be putting the Double Diva's workshops to rest for a while so this is the final confirmed workshop for some time.

Whether you've attended before or not - discover new things no matter your level:

VO Star (Voice Talent Competition Opened to all)

Character Rolodex - (Creating Characters that Work - Animation and Commercial)

Character Improv - (Put your Characters to the test)



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Creating Your Demo Copy


Hopefully you’ve taken enough training now that you KNOW you are ready to make a demo.  Depending on the demo director/coach/producer you choose, you may want to help create your demo copy.   Keep in mind we are talking about demos that are created from scratch, not demos…


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Economy Slump


Image Courtesy of Ambros

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m seeing a huge slump in the industry right now, in fact in most industries.  It could be a result of the unfortunate drop in the economy in the U.S., it could be a bit of saturation in the market, it could be clients are holding off on spending, or…


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Over Practicing.....

Over Practicing – getting stuck in the read

Work your copy! Find your character! Learn the back story! Know what you’re reading! But then don’t over practice either! AHHHHH make up your minds! It can all seem overwhelming…you’ll hear one thing from one person and then something totally contradicting from the other. Just goes to show you…


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A Good Case for Mono

Recording in Mono  vs Stereo

The more you work in this industry, the more you take for granted the little things that you gradually learn on your own, might not have known starting out, or learned by trial and error.  Much like what format to record in….Stereo or Mono?  I’ve had several students send me files to listen to or critique and the files are Voice Only.  When they recorded, they recorded in stereo.  Stereo is only meant to separate the left and right sound channels…


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Thank you!

Well, I always love it when something I write up can ellicit discussion

among the VO community and my article Thursday on investing in yourself

did just that.  My inbox was buzzing with kind comments, letters of thank you

 for encouragement, and questions about continuing education.  As you

know, I am always here for any of you who think you might benefit from my…


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Investing in YOURSELF!

This is such a tough time for many.  The economy is catching up to most of us and everyone is tightening the noose on their budgets....understandably so.  What a predicament for many.   You've invested a ton into your craft, both in time and in money.  You have family and friends that are rooting for you to…


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When giving thanks and reflecting on 2011..

Take a moment this week to thank your family for being a part of your career. Even though they are not in the booth with you, they feel the ups and downs of your job just as much as you do and their support and encouragement makes all the difference.

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Goal Gourmet - A Recipe for Success!

Goal Gourmet - All Flavor, no Trans fat!

Goal Gourmet - Setting and Accomplishing Your Goals

1 Pad of paper or Digital notebook

1 Pen

1 Focused Mind

1 budget

One big heap of motivation and determination

As much support as you can find

The most important part of this recipe is writing out your goals. Using your focused mind, I want you to write on your pad of…

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Log Lines

Log Lines.....

No, I’m not talking about a serious dump here people…..I’m talking about your signature line.  A statement that explains exactly what you do or what you can provide.  What’s most important about your log line  is that it suits your personality and that you can follow through on your promise. 

You don’t want to create a log line that is false – for example: “The World’s Number One Voice Talent!”  Don’t we all wish?  There is no such…


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