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Voiceover Technique Video - Announcer(y) vs. Casual

In this new Voiceover Gurus video, watch Annie Meisels demonstrate in under 30 seconds

the difference between the announcery and casual read.  Note how her pitch AND her inflection

choices all tend toward the "downwards" on her casual read.  This script is only 6 words -

and yet the lesson is so clear.  Watch, listen, learn - and then try it yourself.

(video will be lower down on the right side…


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25 Second Voiceover Lesson

Learn (from former Voiceover Gurus student /now current voiceover pro) the difference in sound between announcery and casual in this under :30 voiceover-technique video.

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Voiceover Technique Video of the Week

Watch voiceover pro Annie Meisels perform copy in "tell it to a friend" style.


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Voiceover Exercise: One Word. Six New Perspectives.

I tell students unabashedly that I believe script analysis counts for 75% of your voiceover strategy/technique.  Going on this belief, there’s a great exercise that can fine-tune your skills for understanding the writer’s intention.  Using just one word, and understanding that one word from a sentence, can often help you to understand how to “come at” any sentence in any script.  Observe the lines below and hear how each…


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Throw it Away

See the voiceover technique video of the week at Voiceover Gurus before it's gone!  This under :30 video shows you

the art of the "throw it away" read as performed by a top NYC voice actor who spends all day running

around to auditions her agent sends her out on.  Learn from a pro in only 30 seconds.  (Will be there till Wednesday.)

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Voiceover Casting Etiquette 101: The 3 big NO's

In voiceover casting, there are so many unspoken rules  it’s hard to keep up.  You all thought it was hard enough to just read the copy and not screw it up, but then we told you to make it more natural.  Then we told you it had to remain authentic and also be compelling.  More interesting.  And now you find out there are all these unspoken rules too?!  I am here to speak them.

                Casting Directors and Agents are in this business for many reasons, but there is one thing…


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Voice Over Coaching with Pooh

Yes:  Voice Over Coaching with Pooh.  I just couldn't resist that title, had to do it.  And you're reading this, so it worked!  I am always looking for new ways to explain to my students that too much self-censoring, too much analysis, too much thought DURING the read will only hinder the performance.  The reason is that the "being" or the "doing" cannot happen with all that thinking getting in the way.  I consider script analysis to be one of the most critical aspects of voice over mastery,…


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Your voice . . . and then some!

I thought i would share a bit of the latest Voiceover Gurus blog entry.  Let's consider how much time the actor and the coach spend on voiceover techniques such as inflection, pitch, volume, background motivation, etc....It's a lot.  And rightly so.  But let's not forget the rest of you!  Your body that is.  And your face.  When you are excited about something are your hands in your pockets or are they flailing around like fly swatters?  When you are feeling warm and fuzzy and sharing…


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It's not JUST about technique: A Unique Voiceover Strategy

I’d like to talk about The Artist’s Way – the book that changed my life.  This book is completely relevant to the work that you are pursuing: trying to be the best (voice over) artist you can be.   And yes, this book will also better your life beyond just improving your voice over performances.  The Artist’s Way, written by Julia Cameron, is peppered with inspiring…

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How to (not) Make A Great Voice Over Demo

I have been coaching/producing demos for almost 20 years now and i if i had any important advice to share with voice over artists about creating a demo, it is this: make absolutely sure to get an evaluation first before you pay to have your demo made.  Do not pass go before this important step in your career.  I'd like to help you protect your wallet and your reputation!  Read below:…


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