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Creating a Brand - Always improving your image

For the very select few, it's job after job after job... in the studio almost all day every day. Those in the next slightly larger group are those who are fortunate enough to just stay busy but get lots and lots of auditions so you still stay pretty booked in the industry. Then there are those in the much larger group who book a gig every once in a while and do not get an enormous flow of auditions streaming into your e-mail or by other means but you still very much want to make your mark in…


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Staying afloat during slow times

I'm not nearly as busy as I have been these last few weeks. But I'm managing to float by. One thing I have tried very hard to learn is how to get by during droughts. I have had to get a couple of check advances and/or title loan every once in a while to get by til paydays arrive. I try not to borrow more than a couple hundred dollars and immediately pay them completely off when I get paid. The best way not to lose your head is to pre-plan when you're supposed to be receiving checks. If you…


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First slow week all summer

For once "getting my big break" actually means the opposite of what I would normally want it to mean. I got my first big break from work this past week. I've spent so much time in the studio lately that I haven't had time to do much else. Every time I try to leave my house to go to the store or go hang out with my wife or take the kids out or whatever, my cell rings and I'm doing a u-turn and heading back to my home studio again. After doing as many as 6 sessions and 3 union…


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Just when all hope seems lost...

I have had a very slow couple of months and I had all but given up hope. I was starting to look up jobs in the paper and on-line. I had already broke the news to my wife that I was going back to regular employment. I just didn't have enough savings to make it another month without a paycheck. Then all of the sudden the floodgates just opened up. I have been busy for several weeks non-stop with work. I have worked on over a half dozen trailers for movies and tv series on DVD... even a…


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What am I doing here?

After a voice coach session, felt like I don't know ANYthing about this industry and I'm having a "what am I doing in this business" moment. Apparently, it's all about re-invention and creating an original and unique brand for myself. Really hard moment for me feeling like I can't do anything right. And I can't stand appeasing statements like "RAW talent" and "huge POTENTIAL." Sounds nice but feels like a dagger to the heart as far as all previous professional work I've done. After a…


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Joining the union may not be so bad!

So after a recent chat with my manager, seems one of my biggest worries is over! My manager is going to take care of any costs that I will incur from joining. I was concerned that I was going to have to front the money myself or it was going to be taken out of future bookings due to my contract, but that's not the case. I've never heard much about having a VO manager... agents, yes, but not managers. He has done nothing but good for me and been very honest and forthcoming with me, and I've…


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The Ted Williams Experience

I have heard so much negativity from disgruntled voice actors, radio dj's, and voiceover artists about Ted Williams getting his big break. I have been experiencing that on a somewhat smaller scale ever since I became a professional. Why can't we be proud of our work? I don't post how much money I make from booking a session and yet I book two or three sessions in one month and post that it's a slow start but I'm thankful for it, and then get told by voiceover veterans, "slow?!? two or three…


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New Year Starts Off a Little Rocky

...and I don't mean "Balboa." I had to go to the emergency room on New Year's Eve. Seems I have a blood infection called "Superficial Thrombophlembitis." The vericose veins in my right leg have blood clots on the surface. The doctors are concerned that the clot could break loose and get into my lungs and could be fatal. I have had four shots, four prescriptions, two ultrasounds, and I have to wear an "expansion stocking" which is supposed to help blood circulation. I may still have to have…


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Nervous about "the transition"

My non-union contract with my studio here in Memphis is about ready to expire, and I went out on a leap of faith (in my manager) and asked that they not renew my contract but rather allow me to have a union contract instead.


I have to say, I am honestly VERY nervous about the move from non-union/freelance to union. There's the question of which union to join and if I will lose all my non-union clients. It's got me up nights, no lie! The transition doesn't take place until…


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Thank the good Lord for the Golden Globes!

This time of year is generally slow for voiceover work in the commercial area of the industry and slowER in the movie trailer biz. I didn't book any commercials in November at ALL and I found out that I got overpaid in November for September's sessions because they added someone else's talent slip to mine. Oddly enough, I asked my producer about my check in November because I told him it was a lot more than I thought it was going to be, not that I was complaining, and he said that it was…


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"Get ready for the big time"

So by some odd coincidence, I got my manager on the phone trying to call the producer for a scheduled session yesterday and he wanted to catch up. Usually we are both so busy, we only get to communicate through e-mail. Ironically, it was I who was busy at the moment so I told him I would catch up with him later. This morning I e-mailed him about all the FYI that was going on and asked how the future of my career was going and this was the (paraphrased) reply I got… Continue

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The Gig That Saved Christmas!

The movie trailer that I have been currently working on (the one that including the celebrity voice-match I had to do) has been winding down. It's only one of three trailers that I've been working on. The two others are radio and TV spots for the DVD releases for movies which I previously did the voiceovers on the theatrical trailers. Since there haven't been that many trailers coming my way, I have been auditioning and auditioning for local studios, but it has been a very unfruitful month and… Continue

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Should We Hate Dreamworks?

I struggle with the big animation companies using celebrities or "brand-name" voice actors for animated films. It is really frustrating to me to see Dreamworks and Pixar banking on a celebrity voice(s) to sell their movies. Every once in a while, they get it right. Jason Segal did an absolutely terrific job as the villain in Despicable Me and Christopher Walken and Gene Hackman delivered beautiful performances in Antz but Woody Allen? Not convinced he was perfect for the part had… Continue

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Celebrity Voice Matching

I have listened to several "Voice Matching" audio-workshops from my friend and VA hero Pat Fraley but today, I did my very first one for real. I haven't been this nervous in the studio in a long time! :D

Until the trailer is released publicly, I won't say which celebrity it was that I had to match for, but if you've been keeping up with my updates, you could probably figure it out. Needless to say, the overgrown nerd inside me was geeking out like a 10 year old on his first visit to… Continue

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I love my job!!!

I read a lot of blog posts about how competitive and even cut-throat the voiceover industry can get. In fact, I've done a little math myself. Certain studios I work with, I get one out of thirty auditions... others it's 1 out of 500... then others it's fifty-fifty. Sometimes, I will run into a dry streak where several weeks will go by and I haven't booked a thing and sometimes I book 3-5 gigs a day! But today I got a check in the mail... it was a few weeks early but it was such a great reminder… Continue

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Cuz, Baby, I hate NDA's! Do another gig, sign another contract, baby!

I had one of the most awesome sessions ever this past Monday! And the WORST part of it is... I can't say a word about it! Sometimes non-disclosure agreements are two-edged swords... on the positive side, they give you paying work but on the flip-side, you can't say a word about it to anyone until the product is released to the public without violating your agreement and possibly losing your client and even being fined.

All I CAN say is the gig was for my favorite client and it was… Continue

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Finally got my first THEATRICAL trailer! And I've been STAYIN' booked!

So I found out that three weeks ago, I finished on my very first theatrical movie trailer! I was on the phone with my manager and he mentioned that I would be doing the Machete tv spot this week and I said "I already finished on that a while back?" Come to find out, I did the international THEATRICAL trailer and now I'm getting the tv spot too! Yay! I have been very busy. I'm trying to manage and organize this new animation company that I've been put in charge of, but I've been booking an… Continue

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CarMax Radio Spot

This was by far the most fun I've had in the studio. There were 3 scripts with 6 different characters to audition for and the announcer. I auditioned for all 7, and booked 2 out of 7 of the parts... not too shabby! It was for a CarMax radio spot. The voice description for the two characters I booked read, and I quote "Stylist: vaguely European... think 'Bruno'..." and "Lester: think 'Carl' from Slingblade." So I ended up voicing both male parts in the same spot. The client was very laid back… Continue

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My first original animated character... sort of.

I've done character work before. I played two villains in the motion-comic series "Red Warrior: Assassin of the Thieves World" (you can find at - I believe my characters are in the last three chapters out of six). But I've never really auditioned for a non-stereotypical, animated character and booked it. I auditioned my bottom off for this one I received from Middleburg Bank. The e-mail my agent sent said "good paying, long-term client!" So I… Continue

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