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Interview with Kevin Leach CEO of In:Quality about their Browser based ISDN replacement technology ipDTL


Earlier this year I received an email from one of my voiceover agents in the UK asking me to run a test with them on a new internet based ISDN replacement technology called ipDTL. All I needed was a good microphone, a decent internet connection and a chrome browser. The session went smoothly and my agent was pleased that I was able to achieve ISDN level quality on a wireless connection on…


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The Art Of Creating Art

Almost every man I know wants to drive like a pro. Its a strange thing this fascination the male members of the human species have with moving vehicles. Not so much tractors and heavy machinery... with those we would like to think of ourselves as instinctively intuitive, as in, you can operate this behemoth of a machine instinctively without instruction or prior training. But the truth of the matter is that there are good drivers, and bad drivers... and everyone in between…


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Taji's Embarassing Twitter Confessions

Its not like twitter is a new technology... its been around for a while now and I figured that the best way to get insights about using twitter was from voice actors who had tried and true methods. So I wrote a blog post a few weeks back expecting tons of input... funny enough I didn't get a peep out of anyone! Well except one person who said they were just as excited to see answers to her twitter related questions as I was.


But no one said anything so here is what I did.. I…


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A Bigger Piece Of The Pie

I figured out a long time ago that I'm not the kind of person that equates financial success with personal success. It's a part of it, I mean it denotes how intelligent you are and how capable of supporting your family etc. but through the years I've realized that being rich won't make me a better person. Just one with more money.

I don't know if this is because my Voiceover Specialty is in Arabic, I mean you guys know this already I don't… Continue

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Taji's New Project - Voiceover Buy & Sell

Morning Folks,

If you've read any of my older posts... you know I'm a closet workaholic... not so much that I like to work... I don't but rather I can't stop myself from going from project to project... I like to experiment. It often means that my projects end up being duds... but every once in a while something works out the way I'd like it to.

So during my last vacation I got the idea of this new project. I had promised myself that I would not do any work while on… Continue

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Invoicing: Online or Offline?

As voiceover artists we sometimes have to put on several occupational hats. From Social networking marketeers to accountants, to recording talents to sound engineers. You can't do everything but you can try to make some of the different aspects of the job easier with the right tools.

I don't know how it started but a few weeks back I realized that I need a proper invoicing software. What I did in the past was a somewhat laborious… Continue

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Download Free Voiceover eBook "The Modern Voiceoverist's Guide to the Online Universe & Other Stories"

Goodmorning folks,

It’s a special day today because that project I was working on very recently just got finished.

What is it you might ask?

An 80 page FREE eBook authored by yours truly Mahmoud Taji entitled:

The Modern Voiceoverist’s Guide to the Online Universe & Other Stories.

The book is completely interactive so that any URL in it is clickable and will take you to any website… Continue

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Tips For Becoming Self-Employed Part II

So a couple of weeks have passed since I posted part one of this article which is:

Tips for Becoming Self-Employed & Staying That Way. but the fact remains that this is a pretty big subject and allot of good can be distilled from the Internet-Collective of thinkers and those-who-have-taken-that-path before us.

I'll start where we left off last time which is leaving the house at least… Continue

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Tips For Becoming Self-Employed & Staying That Way

I've always been one to set goals for myself. When I was younger it was all about becoming a musician my list kind of looked like this:

  1. find a good band and get into it
  2. get some good songs written
  3. play your first gig
  4. play to a massive crowed
  5. get on the radio
  6. get groupies
  7. get on tv
  8. get signed
I was able to achieve all those different goals except the last… Continue

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Conversations With David

The ripples from the Frankenstein articles have not died yet (thankfully). The input that was provided to the Pay to Play (or if you like Voice Over Marketplace) websites has proven both informative and valuable to them.

I can understand that sometimes when the right questions are not asked then the wrong conclusions are reached.

For those who have not yet read the Frankenstein series of articles, here are links to… Continue

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Taji's Frankenstein Monster - Building the perfect P2P website

Welcome folks... this could probably be one of the longest posts ever featured on TVE so put on your spectacles and get comfy.

I gave the previous post "Taji's Frankenstein Monster : The Perfect VO Casting Site" a few days more as the feature on the blog than I planned... just to see how many more voice actors and agents would leave… Continue

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It's Ok to Give In, Not Ok To Give Up!


One of the biggest misconceptions about the voice over industry that I have come across is that it is easy to be a full time voice over artist. Personally I would love to have enough clients to sustain me and my family month in and month out on the income that a lucrative voice over business can generate.

Alas my connections are not yet that vast and my income from… Continue

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Negotiating Vs. Haggling Vs. The Payment Policy

Greetings and Salutations dear readers,

I wanted to tap into the minds and experience of the VoiceOver collective and ask a question that sometimes bothers me. Is it just me or has working in the voice over industry sometimes made you feel like you are a fishmonger in the local market.

Whether its during a communication between a client or an agent proxy I find that sometimes the haggling can get tiresome and somewhere along the line I decided to get very very… Continue

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Adding A Shopping Cart To Your Site (part 3 of 3)

Hello All!

This article is part 3 in a series. The series so far contains the following articles:

  1. Looking More Professional - The Download Area
  2. Half Now, Half on Delivery - A Paypal solution
This was not done on purpose as I am just… Continue

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Half Now, Half On Delivery - a Paypal Solution (part 2 of 3)


This is just a thought here... but since I've been elbow deep in server muck looking for a way to deliver the files to my client in a professional way I got a little epiphany.

Since some of us find it somewhat cumbersome figuring out if a first time client will pay or not we end up with moments of panic and possible seconds long hysteria.

Here is the scenario: You are doing… Continue

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Looking More Professional - The Download Area (part 1 of 3)


It was something my boss mentioned that triggered this whole hair pulling experience.

He wanted to know if we could utilize a professional looking section in our website that looked like which provided our affiliates and clients with a section in our website for them to download their files from. Being a little more tech savvy than the average individual I went… Continue

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Video Demos - Are They Worth The Investment?

Nearly a month ago I got an email from one of my Sentinels (for those who don't know who Taji's Sentinel's are... they are voice actors and professionals who send me news that they think I should write about and that my readers might find informative.) The email my Sentinel sent me included information that was all over the Voice Over blogs regarding a new trend in the voice over industry called the Video Voice Demo.

So for Short lets call it a VVD. Its a simple concept. Instead of… Continue

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State Of The Non-Union

Guten Morgen,

Today I wish to speak about the difference between being Union or Non-Union voice over talent and how this can effect your earning potential and whether you can work on certain projects or not.

Prior to writing this post I must admit I didn't know the difference between being a Union Voice Over talent and being Non-Union. As it stands I cannot be a part of either unions because I am neither American nor do I reside in the United States… Continue

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I have this Syncing feeling

It's always nice when you get that email or IM message telling you that you got a new job. Sometimes you don't spend too much time in understanding how technical the job might get because you are happy the work is coming in.

Very recently the lovely Fernanda from contacted me about an Arabic VO for an industrial video. The job was straight forward... get a script translated (I don't translate but I have a very good translator who I forward the… Continue

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Little Epiphanies

Bonjour Mes Ami,

It's been a tough week. A few hours ago I spoke to my Uncle in the UAE to give him my condolences on losing his wife. He's my favorite uncle on my mother's side... tough times.

I've been living alone for the past few weeks.. my wife is in Jordan with my daugher visiting her parents. Which is probably one of the reasons why I am so introspective these days. I miss them horribly but inshallah (God Willing) I'll be joining my family in Jordan in a couple of… Continue

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