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THE SUCCESSFUL VO DIET - How to Feed Your Mind, Body and Spirit for a Happy and Healthy VO Career

O.K. Gang, believe it or not, what you eat or drink can affect your instrument and how you voice, so listen-up! You are what you eat as they say!

Anything ingested can have an effect on the vocal chords! Yes, that’s right, so be aware of what you put into your mouth and system!

Imagine me, flying into LA to do a spiritual retreat many years ago and finding out…


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(Don't have time to read the article? Listen to it here !)…


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Creating Sustainable Characters


Vocal placement is the bane of most character voice performer’s existence! It is profoundly rewarding to capture a unique sound vocally and equally disturbing when the placement wanders and morphs into another texture or is lost completely. The voice performer can adapt the instrument through compressions and aspirations, textures and…


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