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Keeping organized

With a busy work load of audiobooks to complete it is increasingly important to prioritize the projects.  

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Computer scare

There I was. Plenty of time for the acx project.  Want to take a break and change the mood.  I moved to an other book I'm doing.  There come and invitation to audition for a collection with acx.  This is all good.  Then the computer tells me something is wrong.  It wants to shot down.  Go away for a while, maybe for ever.  Good grief.  Now what?

Well, all is fine.  The message to me is have extra machines.  Back up your work.  Don't have just one copy.  Have a copy that is not…


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Simple can be good

While finishing a book for audible with acx I was sure I was done.  Hoping the author liked and approved of the read I waited for the go ahead.  Well, there was a simple little phrase with a word that was NOT in the text.  Getting the request to make the change had me worried.  no need.  Just re read the phrase and reload the corrected file.  Done.  Almost.  Let's make some more simple changes.  Really, they are simple.  A few more paragraphs to make the story complete.



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Work at my own pace

One of the great things about working indepentantly is the schedule.  It is mine.  I set it.  There is time for life outside of my audio cave.

I do many of Will Bevis' books.  The work flow is great.  Then...a new project.  Yes, I want this book as one of my narrating projects.  Now I have to act like it is a job.  Well, it is a job.  Taking it that way makes it work better.  However, that does NOT mean I will become slave to it.  This is after…


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Work flow and where is my pencil?

There has always been a need for me to have things in place.  Work space needs to be free of confusion.  Something as simple as having the computer screen at the right angle.  The keyboard easy to reach.  The mouse pad has to be in the right place.

I just re did my audio cave so both computers are in a spot where things flow from recording to online monitoring and sending.  Naturally that will help me keep focus and help my work…


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hard copy or computer screen

I've done both.  Read from hard copy and from the manuscript on the computer.  The paper is in many ways better, but then there is the larger text I can get with the click of a button on the screen.  Then there is the sudden and unliked fan comming on.


Doesn't matter as long as I keep getting projects to do.

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Other peoples stories

Interesting how much pleasure there is in telling the stories other people have written.  Some are touching and some make you laugh.  Some times you get to share information gathered by others.  More soon to be at

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Short story Audiobooks

I just finished a short story for audio.  It is interesting how many books in audio form are long.  Naturally, the books are long to begin with.  That's great.  However, I know there is a market for audiobook listeners who want to also have something short form.


The author Will Bevis (Beh-vis) agrees.  "The Killing of Train-Man Brown" is not long.  Most people are not long in the car either.  This is , the way I see it, a great idea.


I don't mean to say a…


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