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The Workout Group

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As I mentioned in the previous post The 10 Keys To Voiceover Success, one of the best – and fortunately cheapest - things you can do for your voiceover career is to get in a voiceover workout group. I recommend this to all my students, anytime I speak at a… Continue

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Three Part Voiceover Practice Method that’s Close to Perfection

By J. Christoper Dunn


An athlete practices daily to train for competition. Without practice, the chances of success are greatly reduced. It’s important to teach the body how to move or react to situation so it can do so automatically without having to put much thought into it.

Like an athlete, voice actors should train. Doing so will increase the chance for successful auditions. An hour a day can make the…


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Practicing and recording my AudioBook Demo (Inspired by DC Goode)

I have been reading George Washington's War in the booth. It has great drama, suspense, history. It's a long book and I am reading it as practice for my audiobook/narration as well as putting it all together for my demo. I have some grat spots on there but I have gone back to re-record some of the work. Seems like the more I work, the more I practice the more my old stuff doesn't sound so hot. I have been listening to different work and saw a post from my friend DC Goode and went to listen to… Continue

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Voiceover Artist as Verbal Gymnast

As a voiceover artist, the ability to speak clearly, to enunciate (ee-NONE-see-ate) is key to getting the job done. Aside from the obvious time efficiency and saving the client money on studio hours, verbal skill is critical for this profession.

Speak clearly while speaking quickly. Spot got ten seconds of copy for a five second disclaimer? Sure, the engineer can edit out the breaths, but you’ve got to do the bulk of the work, zipping through that script while making sure that every… Continue

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I Speak Analog. You Hear Digital

There’s an interesting article by John Higgins on the John and Muriel Higgins Home page. The article is entitled, “I Speak Analogue, You Hear Digital” and you can find it at the following link:

Check out the digital speaking test and the supra-segmentals section. The latter section relates to how pausing can change the meaning of a sentence. The article contains some good practice materials.

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