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Staying afloat during slow times

I'm not nearly as busy as I have been these last few weeks. But I'm managing to float by. One thing I have tried very hard to learn is how to get by during droughts. I have had to get a couple of check advances and/or title loan every once in a while to get by til paydays arrive. I try not to borrow more than a couple hundred dollars and immediately pay them completely off when I get paid. The best way not to lose your head is to pre-plan when you're supposed to be receiving checks. If you…


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First slow week all summer

For once "getting my big break" actually means the opposite of what I would normally want it to mean. I got my first big break from work this past week. I've spent so much time in the studio lately that I haven't had time to do much else. Every time I try to leave my house to go to the store or go hang out with my wife or take the kids out or whatever, my cell rings and I'm doing a u-turn and heading back to my home studio again. After doing as many as 6 sessions and 3 union…


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Nervous about "the transition"

My non-union contract with my studio here in Memphis is about ready to expire, and I went out on a leap of faith (in my manager) and asked that they not renew my contract but rather allow me to have a union contract instead.


I have to say, I am honestly VERY nervous about the move from non-union/freelance to union. There's the question of which union to join and if I will lose all my non-union clients. It's got me up nights, no lie! The transition doesn't take place until…


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November 30th, 2010

Securing proper representation is key to building your career and achieving your goals as a…


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"Get ready for the big time"

So by some odd coincidence, I got my manager on the phone trying to call the producer for a scheduled session yesterday and he wanted to catch up. Usually we are both so busy, we only get to communicate through e-mail. Ironically, it was I who was busy at the moment so I told him I would catch up with him later. This morning I e-mailed him about all the FYI that was going on and asked how the future of my career was going and this was the (paraphrased) reply I got… Continue

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Finally got my first THEATRICAL trailer! And I've been STAYIN' booked!

So I found out that three weeks ago, I finished on my very first theatrical movie trailer! I was on the phone with my manager and he mentioned that I would be doing the Machete tv spot this week and I said "I already finished on that a while back?" Come to find out, I did the international THEATRICAL trailer and now I'm getting the tv spot too! Yay! I have been very busy. I'm trying to manage and organize this new animation company that I've been put in charge of, but I've been booking an… Continue

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“If a picture’s worth a thousand words, why didn’t I become a photographer instead of a voice-over?”

That was typical Bill. No “Hello” or “How are you”. Bill always comes in with some kind of wisecrack.

“Why do you look so happy?” I asked. “Just watching you makes me miserable.”

“I think I nailed that last audition, man. I totally rocked the house,” Bill said, beaming from ear to ear. “I even added some special effects.” He made the sound of an airplane on the… Continue

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Kim Dawson passed away in Dallas and I loved her and so does God. The tale of a pioneer.

Kim Dawson, legendary agent, died today. She was 85 years old and a victim of Alzheimers. She was a top model in NYC for many years and then a top agent nationwide based in Dallas. A pioneer. She had the eye for fashion models and knew actors and voice actors. She booked children and animals and every type of act imaginable in her career. She had a wonderful staff and family who supported her always. She was the patron of so many charities and causes. She… Continue

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Long, fun day ... and good news!

Over the years, I've done a few VO gigs that appeared within the framework of television shows. But, those gigs were always prerecorded or done in post production. Today, however, my role necessitated me actually being on the set of the sitcom Rules Of Engagement, performing live.

For anyone who thinks that working in Hollywood is a glamorous and leisurely endeavor, I can assure you that is a complete myth. First, as my "dressing room"… Continue

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Question: “What’s the difference between a casting director and a talent agent?”

Answer: Check out!

If your initial questions aren’t answered there…(or detailed in the latest edition of “The SOUND ADVICE Encyclopedia of Voiceover & The Business of Being a Working Talent”)… then you’re not asking the right questions!

Brush up from the greatest resource you have at your access regarding the business of acting... from SOUND ADVICE.

Check out our site or call us directly to secure the latest… Continue

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Submissions, Please!

Call for submissions:

There’s a new online magazine just for us audio/video and marketing types. It’s called Speak Easy - Voices That Motivate. And, you are encouraged to contribute.

If you have a blog; if you have written articles, why not share them in one convenient location. It’s the newest Web 2.0 Social networking paradigm. It’s called “Blog Carnival”. If you are a voice actor, casting agent, advertising agent, producer, engineer, marketing guru, writer, etc. please… Continue

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When You Absolutely, Positively Have to Voice

Cold season has hit early in our house. The 2 year old had a hoarse voice at the end of last week and all weekend (perhaps it's b/c she spent a lot of time on Labor Day licking the dirt from her arms? Just a thought). And she would wake in the night crying that her mouth hurt. I knew it was only a matter of time...

Sunday morning I woke up with the sore throat. The raw nose. The sneezing and watery eyes. I knew I wasn't as miserable as I was going to be but I played it safe and… Continue

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Do you need an agent?

A voice talent agent is often necessary for you to work in any given city. Ad agencies and casting directors look to talent agents to provide master demos, recommendations, and voice over auditions for specific projects. Where do you start? Talk to several AFTRA and SAG franchised voice over talent agents – they are the most reputable as they are bound by agreements to the performers unions. They can't require that you purchase classes or photos from them.… Continue

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