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How to (not) Make A Great Voice Over Demo

I have been coaching/producing demos for almost 20 years now and i if i had any important advice to share with voice over artists about creating a demo, it is this: make absolutely sure to get an evaluation first before you pay to have your demo made.  Do not pass go before this important step in your career.  I'd like to help you protect your wallet and your reputation!  Read below:…


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Five Must Have Online Gizmos for Your Voice-Over Toolbox

It should never be said that voice-over work lacks variety. Whether it be the type of project, length, emotive delivery or just the file format requested by the customer, most projects are unique.

Along the way on my voice-over trek, I’ve gone searching for tools to help me get a particular job to the finish line. Most are easy to use and intuitive to implement. Except for one, all cost nothing to use. Free is a price most anybody can afford.

1. Word to…


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Three Part Voiceover Practice Method that’s Close to Perfection

By J. Christoper Dunn


An athlete practices daily to train for competition. Without practice, the chances of success are greatly reduced. It’s important to teach the body how to move or react to situation so it can do so automatically without having to put much thought into it.

Like an athlete, voice actors should train. Doing so will increase the chance for successful auditions. An hour a day can make the…


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A Perfect Match

A Perfect Match

by Kate McClanaghan,

Here’s a little snack food for thought that you may not know about…

matching—The term used when you are trying to recreate the timbre, emotion, inflection, phrasing, volume and/or tempo of a delivery to make a change to the read or to correct a minor error in the initial read.

Also, if at a session the client preferred a specific take and simply wants… Continue

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It’s a new year!

It’s a new year and I believe 2010 is going to be a great year! Attitude is fundamentally important for success and knowing this truly will help you in your career pursutes. This year I am committed to reaching out of my comfort zone and exploring other avenues of revenue like on camera and spokesmen for top fortune 500 companies. If this economy has taught us anything flexibility and creative endeavors has made all of us work so much harder.

I can honestly say I profited in 2009 not… Continue

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So you want to be a voice-over artist

One of the first things I ask a prospect exploring voice-overs is why? Here is what I get most of the time. People tell me I have a good voice, my boy friend or girl friend says I would be good at the business, or my mother says I should be on the radio. The most important question I could ask a prospect is what do you think of you doing voice-overs? Many say they don’t know great answer! I like to teach individuals that want to learn the art of voice-over, willing open participants desiring to… Continue

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Teaching an old dog a new trick ;-)

Many people have been forced out of careers due to the recession and have gone back down memory lane to dream again...What they originally wanted to do before life and living set in. There was a time and place in America if you had a good voice, and there was a station you would have a great shot at loaning your pipes to them. It’s a different world now, technology has given Voice-over talent more ways to promote and send their work to the client in real time.

If you are wondering if… Continue

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How to choose a Voice-over Coach

I’m a Voice-coach/ Voice-over artist making a living from using my voice on Radio and television or wherever else they decide to pop me on ;-) Let me first say, there are many Voice Coaches that care about your success! I want this to help in you choosing a quality Voice coach that can deliver what they pitch you. The failsafe test for coaches in my opinion is as follows.

#1 how long have you been doing professional Voice-overs?

#2 what radio/TV Campaigns have I heard you… Continue

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New Blog Series...

Very soon I'll be using my blog to help others with studio tips and such. I invite everyone to bookmark it and check back over the next month or so. We have a baby due next week, so I'll be out for a bit then I'll start the new postings.

Here the site...Bookmark it...make comments...share...

You should also consider starting a google blog yourself, as well as ALWAYS… Continue

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How to Cure a Hoarse Voice

Here's the situation:

I'm narrating an online course. I'm leaving town tomorrow, so I need to finish narrating before I leave. I thought I'd be able to get through it yesterday, but after narrating for nearly ten hours, I realized I had over-used my voice and was damaging it so I stopped.

Six hours later I felt like I had strep throat. I woke up this morning hoping for an amazing recovery. I was not satisfied. I still have several more hours of narrating to do and I can… Continue

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