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Society of Voice Arts & Sciences Launches 1st Annual Voice Arts Awards

Greetings Voiceover Universe Family!

2014 is a promising and exciting year for Voiceover!  I recently spoke with Rudy Gaskins – He and his wife Joan Baker are the co-founders and life-force of That’s Voiceover!™, an annual career expo, and the newly formed Society of Voice Arts and Sciences™ (SOVAS™).

Rudy who gave me the scoop on a super exciting expanding program of the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences™ called the Voice Arts™ Awards…


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Professional Voiceover Talent: Scared of Newcomers?

By: Doug Turkel

It’s becoming a common refrain in all sorts of creative endeavors: some established, experienced talent are complaining about the vast numbers of newcomers to their field. I’ve heard it from web designers, graphic designers, copywriters, and yes,…


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Creating Sustainable Characters


Vocal placement is the bane of most character voice performer’s existence! It is profoundly rewarding to capture a unique sound vocally and equally disturbing when the placement wanders and morphs into another texture or is lost completely. The voice performer can adapt the instrument through compressions and aspirations, textures and…


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The Voice Over Cafe Opens!!

The Voice Over Cafe brings you the latest news from the voiceover industry! Full-time voice talentsTerry Daniel and Trish Basanyi host this fun and informative show, bringing on a guest and features for every episode. Join us for “The Legal Minute” with VO artist and lawyer Rob Sciglimpaglia, The Voice Over Cafe Mailbag, and who knows what else! Average running time,…


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Acting in Voiceover?

By:Xavier Paul

The top narrators understand the importance of storytelling. To make the script come alive is the goal. Before the narrator begins to read the first word there is no character, point of view or reality built into the words. Even the producer’s direction does not automatically infuse the script with a reality. It is only through the performer’s creativity thru specific character, spatial and emotional choices that any script will begin to…


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VU member Tom Kane gets SMURF'D in 3D

Sunday was a family outing because they wanted to see the SMURFS in 3D... ok maybe it was me ;) But, to my pleasant surprise there was a narrator in the movie, and I could not help but think, "Smufity, Smurf, Smurf, Smurf! Wow! A storyteller as an…


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‎"Sitting in VO Booth" can be as deadly as smoking!! - What are you doing to make up from sitting hours at the desk?

Smoking cigarettes is the cause of so much preventable, deadly disease. But now new research shows sitting for long stretches of time may be just as dangerous.


“Smoking certainly is a major cardiovascular risk factor and sitting can be equivalent in many cases,” explained Dr. David Coven.


Dr. Coven is a cardiologist. He says several new studies show prolonged sitting is now…


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You Know You're A Voice Talent When:

You know you're a voice talent when:

1. You have a chronic case of headphone hair.

2. You catch yourself repeating lines you hear in commercials.

3. You believe mouth ticks can kill you.

4. A one take is like a hole in one.

5. You know what it means to rock the mic.

6. You've done a few takes and then realized you weren't recording.

7. You hate P words.…


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Mouth Noise

Kathleen Keesling (www.katsvoice.com) wrote a great blog at the end of last month I wanted to pass on dealing with mouth noise - Great job Kat!


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ISDN problems with AT&T

Here's an email that has been floating around about ISDN problems with AT&T


If you use ISDN, or you have clients or Talent that use ISDN, please forward this to them, and tell them to show it to whoever handles their phone service.  For about two weeks, some of us have been experience some real problems connecting via ISDN to certain areas of the country. Southern CA is the worst for me. I called Telos, and they told me I am not alone. It is a severe problem in some…


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An Epidemic: Mediocrity

How many times have we said the phrase “Ah, it’s good enough” when we knew darn well that is wasn’t? God knows, I have been guilty of that myself.  Mediocrity should be illegal in this country.  A crime punishable by a slap in the face and a kick in the ass!  Okay, I’m kidding.  Sort of.

When I first started out in voiceovers, I didn’t have the same principles that I do now.…


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Before there was a thing called ISDN

When I first started to get some "big time" voice over work in Los Angeles, it was 1982. I had stumbled into a niche, being cast as a voice on movie trailers and commercials for teen movies...Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Porky's, Bachelor Party, All the Right Moves and several others. During the early 80's, I did a lot of this work at a studio called Prism Recording on North Seward in Hollywood. It was in fact a little "house" set back behind a front building on the street, that had been… Continue

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November 30th, 2010

Securing proper representation is key to building your career and achieving your goals as a…


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"Get ready for the big time"

So by some odd coincidence, I got my manager on the phone trying to call the producer for a scheduled session yesterday and he wanted to catch up. Usually we are both so busy, we only get to communicate through e-mail. Ironically, it was I who was busy at the moment so I told him I would catch up with him later. This morning I e-mailed him about all the FYI that was going on and asked how the future of my career was going and this was the (paraphrased) reply I got… Continue

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Voiceover Universe Holiday Giving

Greetings VU Family,

Happy Holidays! Where has the time gone? VOICEOVERUNIVERSE.COM is over 4,800 members strong and will be three years old in 2011! What began as an idea to get voice actors together in a fun way became the world’s largest and fastest growing social networking site for Voiceover Industry talent and professionals! When I started VU, I had no idea how much impact this site would have on our industry. We could not have been as successful without you and your… Continue

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‘Tis The Season To Take Care Of Your Voice!

The holidays are a time of celebration and cheer, filled with laughter and joy and goodwill to all. Of course, no season of celebration is complete without an endless array of parties with tasty delights of food and an ample selection of beverages to toast friends and family. One cannot help but partake of at least of few of these moments amid the chaotic scramble of balancing workload to meet deadlines and auditioning for future work.

This is also a fantastic time of the year to… Continue

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Change your thinking change your life.

Perhaps you have heard somebody say that thoughts are things? Well they are! And what you entertain becomes your reality. Positive thinkers like Norman Vincent Pele and Dr. Robert Schuler both said this and taught that negative thoughts created negative environments. If you really believe this, then what thoughts do you entertain? Is it of success and triumph, or disaster and despair? Take a moment and envision what success looks like, now think of what failure looks like. Both of these are… Continue

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Directing- Setting talent at ease behind the mic?

Hi there all

Yesterday I had to direct two separate sessions of voice artists narrating for my new audio book company here in South Africa.

The first VO talent was quite an established TV soap actor, the second a young up and coming actress.

The first session went achingly slow ,with the talent repeatedly correcting himself mid-sentence and generally being quite nervous. I could see he had done his preparations but still he couldn't get through a paragraph… Continue

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I love my job!!!

I read a lot of blog posts about how competitive and even cut-throat the voiceover industry can get. In fact, I've done a little math myself. Certain studios I work with, I get one out of thirty auditions... others it's 1 out of 500... then others it's fifty-fifty. Sometimes, I will run into a dry streak where several weeks will go by and I haven't booked a thing and sometimes I book 3-5 gigs a day! But today I got a check in the mail... it was a few weeks early but it was such a great reminder… Continue

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