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"The price is Right" at ASDA...hijacking the microphone!

This weekend, I happened to pop into my local ASDA supermarket for some much needed essential provisions (Pinot Grigio and chianti!).....on entering the store The "Meeter and greeter" was in full flight rattling through her list of drastically reduced items in the store. She had to pause for a moment to attend to a customer query. Just before launching into the remaining items on her script she said to me, "how do you pronounce this"?........"WORCESTER sauce, as in the Town" I said. ....."would… Continue

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Hey everyone! Here are a few pics from some of the gatherings at "Voice 2008"! There will be more, I'm sure!…


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World of Warcraft

Just got finished working on the new World of Warcraft game. Can't say anything about it but it was a blast!! I just signed with Daniel Hoff Agency 3 weeks ago and already booked (This was actually the first thing I auditioned for through them and landed it so I'm really pleased thus far!)

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One more time ... :D

Yup. One last demo that I've been working on ... It's here:

Lee Kanne did an awesome job drawing the reads out of me and putting it all together when I'd done so. Thank you, Lee!

That's the last of the demos I'm working on - though I am about to update my commercial demo slightly. I'm pretty sure I have what I… Continue

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Joe Cipriano was a class act on our "VOD" podcast today! It was educational as well as entertaining. I am looking forward to visiting with him in person at "Voice 2008"! If you get a chance, take a listen. :)


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What American Accent do you have? Take the US Accent Test

By Bonnie Engel Lee, Ph. D.

“The Speech Doc”

Ever wonder if others can tell where you are from? Here’s a website (see below) where your responses to a test can identify what area of the US you come from (if you are honest). It’s fun and may give you some insight into the features of your own dialect. Enjoy!

If you have any voice or speech questions for the “Speech Doc”, feel free to… Continue

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The Golden Rule of Intonation: Questions rise... Statements fall?

By Bonnie Engel Lee, Ph. D. “The Speech Doc”

Rising and falling intonation patterns are what make a message sound interesting. Without them, we’d be speaking with the same pitch and drive ourselves and our listeners crazy! Enter the Golden Rule of Intonation. When you ask a question, the pitch of your voice rises toward the end, usually on the final word, to express uncertainty. Your pitch falls toward the end of a statement to express certainty or the termination of an idea. The… Continue

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I can't believe it's less than a week away! I am pretty fired up for "Voice"! Trish and I will be recording some drops from the "Voice Over Xtra" booth at the event for the podcast. It will be nice to go on the road and NOT teach for a change. I am looking forward to learning and relaxing as well. Don't forget! A lot of us are heading to "X-Bar" on Saturday night when the lectures are over. "X-Bar" is just inside the hotel and looks very cool. I hope most of you can join us there for a fun… Continue

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Smooth Jazz America Is On The AIr!

I procrastinated about this, and finally made a move. Being off the air in Washington, DC gave me a lot of time to think while enjoying life. Thank you Lord for contracts. lol It's only been 17 days since I took destiny into my own hands by launch Smooth Jazz America. The freedom of real radio is unsurpassed and feels so good. We now have in this very short time listeners in all 50 states and 33 foreign countries. Incredible! GOD is Good!. Check it out at Click on the… Continue

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A demo I've been wanting to do for a LONG time...

It's finally here - thanks to the kind assistance of Jason LeBlanc at AudioArtCafe ( (Thanks, Jason!)

It's #5 on the list of demos I have attached to this profile, but there's a direct link here:

We'll be adding to it as time passes ... but… Continue

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Have microphone,.......will travel!

So, Annual Vacation (or Holiday) to us UK folk, comming up. Flying off to Malaga. Now the question is, do I take my work with me? I do have a portable sound kit I use when I am working away and I usually manage to make a half decent voice booth from the contents of the hotel room. ....and this doesent mean sticking my head in a gutted mini-bar! although it has come close! I have actually seen in one of the big Pet hyper-market type places a kind of Cat basket, totally enclosed, well padded too!… Continue

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Well I'm VERY excited about it...

So my third blog is ready to be written already! The plan was (& I never was very good at sticking to plans by the way lol) to not write again for a little while until something wonderful and exciting happened...well waddayaknow...that time is here sooner than I thought! WOOHOO!!

Remember how I was saying in my last blog that I thought my stars were re-aligning and things were finally starting to happen for me? WELL...last week I got an email from an American company who had heard one… Continue

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Story time

Wow, I feel like I haven't posted forever.

My job gives me a lot of opportunities to experience new groups of people and situations, so when they asked if I would read storytime for Ages 6 and younger, I thought "Why not? I haven't worked with this age group yet."

I went through the library system and picked out a million books about Fireflies, and I was so excited because it was the perfect opportunity to get into character. Then on that day, I got nervous. The one thing that I… Continue

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Earthquake in L-A!!!

There has been a 5.8 magnitude earthquake noontime in Southern California.

Felt in L-A and all the wat south to San Diego... centered in Chino Hills.

No reports of damage or injuries.

As someone who lived in Hollywood and was awakened by the Northridge quake, I can relate -- although this one was not nearly as powerful.

People reported a sharp jolt that lasted up to 30 seconds.

Hope all of our Socal friends are OK.

If you have never been in the middle of one of… Continue

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Auditions to Fruition and Various Sundry What-nots


Finished my first gig and what fun it was! It was a 15 page script for a corporate video. They wanted an announcer voice with "energy" but not "over the top". So ... I used my natural voice, with a Casey Kasem-ish meter ...and it came out great. The client was ecstatic and told me of the possibility for quarterly jobs. Of this entire script I only had one "re-read" ...I pronounced the name Goetz like… Continue

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Bettye Zoller's New Audio Book Narration Demo

ZollerBookread[1]shorter.mp3This is my brand new Audio Book Demo. The full demo is some ten minutes long keeping with my publisher's directions (Simon and Schuster) and other audio publishing houses input to me and input from audio producersin this field who all tell me they like to see if the voice actor can "sustain the reads" and… Continue

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Left out of what you ask? I wonder about that too when I hear those el-cheapo car, carpet, appliance and who knows what else commercials. It pretty much says that the last event was a flop.

Anyway...Hey everyone, I hope at the time of this writing, your dreams, goals and aspirations are working out for you. You know, I have days where I feel that nothing… Continue

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Do you have a marketing budget for your business?

What's something that's fun to do, necessary and gets you business?

The answer is Marketing!

Most businesses has a set marketing budget that is determined by their annual sales. A good rule of thumb when planning your marketing budget is to reinvest 20% of your revenues into getting the word out about your voice over… Continue

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Old Dominion Productions Enters its 5th year

Old Dominion Productions, LLC, Your New Voice from the Old Dominion, marked its 4th Anniversary on July 23rd, 2008. In the past year, voiceover talent and senior partner Gary A. Kriebel was featured in several national TV commercials for Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield and Rogers Cable along with a number of corporate and government training and promotional narrations.

Old Dominion… Continue

Added by Gary A. Kriebel on July 23, 2008 at 11:26am — 2 Comments

New Broadcast Narration Demo!

My new broadcast narration demo is posted both here - and on my website ( - and I'm pretty freakin' thrilled with it! Next time you're havin' a break - crack open a tall one and have a listen. Lovin' life here in the Universe!

Added by Karen Hutton on July 22, 2008 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

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