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The VoxStars Garage & VO Performance Shop

The VoxStars Garage & VO Performance Shop…


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Animation Demos

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Ms. Dolores Diehl Founder of VO Connection has passed on.

29 May, 2013

Ms. Dolores Diehl Founder of The VO Connection  passed on Monday night and there will be a Memorial Service

for her  at Forest Lawn - Hollywood Hills  on  21 June, 2013    10:30 a.m.  with  a reception following at the Smoke House,  Dolores' favourite place to dine.   is Dolores'  friend  who  is organizing  the  Memorial for those of you…


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help with funny way!

Over the last few weeks, Ive been working with a company producing video highlights of sporting events - ironically, I'm not a massive sporting fan, yet get lots of voicework for sports stuff, such as ESPN!

The scripts come through with lots of complicated names that, unless you were a native, are hard to pronounce exactly the right way. This was a concern of mine, I didn't want to let the client down and I also didn't want to do the athletes any injustice  - they've…

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Do you remember "Bobby the Bellboy" from I Love Lucy?

One evening I was watching I Love Lucy with my family when Bobby the Bellboy came on. My father said, "That's your uncle Bobby. He plays Bobby the Bellboy."

"I've got an uncle on TV?!?"

Though my parents tried to shield me and my brother from my "Hollywood" uncle - famed radio actor Bob Jellison who played Bobby the Bellboy and bit parts on TV sitcoms throughout the '60s & '70s, I eventually tracked my uncle down. He was way different from what I…


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IMPROVability Workshop for Voice Actors

Okay, this is very cool for voice over people who:

are in (or can get to) Southern California



You might have heard that Dan O'Day has begun

teaching a unique, intimate "improv" workshop for

voice actors. (Dan has a very strong improv 


It's called…

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The King of Voice Over is Coming to the Queen City!!

Southeastern Voice Actors MAKE SOME NOISE!! The KING of Voice Over is coming to the QUEEN CITY for ROBAPALOOZA 2013!! Come learn from & work with the best of the best, Emmy Award winning voice actor Rob Paulsen!! Come spend a Saturday morning with one of Saturday morning's BEST at …


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How Voiceover Success is Like a TACO

How Voiceover Success is Like a TACO

Everybody likes tacos....some of us a little too much, (just ask my doctor!) Whether loaded with beef, chicken, cheese, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, or other healthy things, a good taco can turn a bad day around.

What does this have to do with voiceovers, you might already…

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You Have to Know When to Stop

You Have to Know When to Stop

Posted By Rodney Saulsberry

March, 2013

Most of our auditions these days are recorded in our homes. And what do we do? We beat ourselves up, doing take after take after take.

You have to know when to stop. Just because you send out only 2 to 3 takes to your agent or online audition website, don't think I don't know what really goes on in your home studio. You are continuously recording takes because you are never quite… Continue

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Voice-Over Samples. Are they worth listening to?

Are your voiceover samples worth listening to?

We keep on writing on this aspect because is so important to optimize chances of getting hired.

Well to help put you in perspective, here is a short story:

A turkey was chatting with a bull. "I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree," sighed the turkey, "but I haven't got the energy."

"Well, why don't you nibble on…


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Spring and your Voice. Beware of allergies !

Spring is upon us if you happen to be in the Northern hemisphere. There’s a hint of warmth in the sunshine and there’s the promise of warmer days to come. All is good in the world. Or is it?

I hate to put a downer on this but spring can be the harbinger of misfortune for the voice-over artist. Why? Because of the dreaded allergens. I mean spores, pollen and other airborne particles that bring on sneezing and nasal congestion.

There are some considerations to…


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Well, Life just happens!

I started my training last year for my Demo with Edge Studio in Manhattan. Then got distracted by the cleaning out of my mother-in-law's house, God rest her sole. Two 30 yard dumpsters of stuff along with allot of anger and frustration, kept me and my family busy for almost a year. So now that I missed so much training and had such a large gap, I have to start from scratch. I had very little time to practice as well. The good lord gave me this opportunity to be a VO actor, then puts a…


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Keyboard Shortcuts for de breathing (saves you time)

This is my first post. Be Nice...

I get a lot of emails from people asking for tips on this industry of which I am flattered. It ranges from being asked to help with quotes, to technical questions on equipment, to line tests and even tips on the kit for voicing when on holiday/vacation.

However let me ask, you do use keyboard shortcuts right???

I was really surprised to learn how many people will still use Edit - Insert - Silence, to take a breath…


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VoiceWorld Toronto Conference 2013

We are pleased to announce that is coming to Toronto!

VoiceWorld Toronto is the voice-over industry's most anticipated conference specifically for voice actors. Hosted by the team at, VoiceWorld Toronto promises to be an event of substantial…


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A Standard in Which to be Recognized

I take my car to a locally owned garage here in Coupeville. I get along well with the mechanics and I’ve always driven away feeling like my needs were met. When I first moved to the area, I considered a few auto repair shops. One of the things I took into account was whether a shop had Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification. I understand what the certification stands for and know that it’s not easy to acquire. To be ASE Certified, mechanics take a number of exams, which typically…


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The E-Learning Explosion-Means More VO Work For You!

The E-Learning Explosion--Means More VO Work For You!

As you already know, I try to give you information in the most simple form so that you can cut through the clutter and get right to the point, which should be getting voice over work and making money.

First, let's define what E-Learning is:

The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) defines e-learning as a broad set of applications and processes that include web-based learning, computer-based… Continue

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Go Paperless with Foxit PDF

When I was preparing to open the door of my voice-over business, I made a list of all the office goodies I needed. One of the items was a printer, and I had my mind set on a multifunction unit. I thought having print/fax/scan capabilities in one easy to use box would be the most efficient way to go. I made the purchase and printed off into the sunset.…


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Voiceover resume' and EPK

So now I need a voiceover resume and EPK. Anyone have format suggestions or templates?

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Hey everyone,


Happy new year and hope all goes great for everyone. I am looking for a company that can create a template for me to do e mail marketing.Where you can write in the template etc.


Any referrals?Companies that were used?



Jon Pirincci:)

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Professional Voiceover Talent: Scared of Newcomers?

By: Doug Turkel

It’s becoming a common refrain in all sorts of creative endeavors: some established, experienced talent are complaining about the vast numbers of newcomers to their field. I’ve heard it from web designers, graphic designers, copywriters, and yes,…


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