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Don Pardo, 'Saturday Night Live' Announcer, Dies at 96 - upload your tribute!

Don Pardo, 'Saturday Night Live' Announcer, Dies at 96 - NBC News

Don Pardo, who literally introduced television viewers to some of America’s biggest stars and soon-to-be-stars as the longtime announcer for “Saturday Night Live,” died Monday in Tucson. He was 96.

Mr. Pardo’s death was confirmed by his daughter, Dona Pardo.

Upload your tribute HERE to Don!

read the story:…


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South American Spanish male voice demos needed ASAP (other languages welcome as well)

Dear colleagues:

I need male voice demos NATIVE to South America in Spanish and English. Please email a non-commercial demo in each language. Demos can be sent separate or in one single audio file with the Spanish segment first. Each demo can have the same or different content without music or special effects. You must have your own recording capabilities and be able to deliver raw or clean and edited audio files.

Email to:



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Society of Voice Arts & Sciences Launches 1st Annual Voice Arts Awards

Greetings Voiceover Universe Family!

2014 is a promising and exciting year for Voiceover!  I recently spoke with Rudy Gaskins – He and his wife Joan Baker are the co-founders and life-force of That’s Voiceover!™, an annual career expo, and the newly formed Society of Voice Arts and Sciences™ (SOVAS™).

Rudy who gave me the scoop on a super exciting expanding program of the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences™ called the Voice Arts™ Awards…


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The Magic Phrase that Pays

There is a small two-word phrase that carries much force. The utterance of these words could make you a hero in a child’s’ eyes. Saying these words to big macho men could melt their hearts. If you said this to your mom, she’d smile, knowing that she taught you well. Telling this phrase to your clients will let them know you appreciate their business.

Imagine a scenario where you work hard to get the business of a recognized client. You establish a professional…


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Earl Thomas' Spring newsletter

Spring arrived on March 20th and I am staying in touch and informing you of the latest business activity of Earl Thomas "The VOICE."
I received my converted Whitfield School TV Commercial, for your viewing pleasure:
Thanks to Daniel DeGagne of The Tales of Mytherwrel for his technical expertise in converting the  to YouTube.  
The …

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First you have to think differently –VO workshop NYC 17th May

Saturday 17th May 

Only 12 places remaining


1 day intensive- 10am until after dinner - All meals and refreshments provided. 

24 people max. 

$349 incl 

Funny, fun and stretching. Make a difference to your Voice Over career, make a difference to your Voice Over business. Double your income in less than 2 years. 

Here’s the qualifier – If in the 1st quarter of 2014 your billing for Voice Over work (including residuals…


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Interview with Kevin Leach CEO of In:Quality about their Browser based ISDN replacement technology ipDTL


Earlier this year I received an email from one of my voiceover agents in the UK asking me to run a test with them on a new internet based ISDN replacement technology called ipDTL. All I needed was a good microphone, a decent internet connection and a chrome browser. The session went smoothly and my agent was pleased that I was able to achieve ISDN level quality on a wireless connection on…


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Keeping organized

With a busy work load of audiobooks to complete it is increasingly important to prioritize the projects.  

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Did you ever heard of recording via ISDN ?

Hi there,


this question will be answered in just a few years with a simple “no”. So today we will make a small analysis of the IP Market for voice over.

First of all: The “voice-over IP revolution“ that everybody was waiting for is already over. And just a few have seen the signs…

ISDN recording is transitioning into IP…


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Voice Over Demo Of The Year Competition 2014

Demo Of The Year 2014…


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What Does "Conversational Mean In Voice Over?"

I’ll start by telling you what it doesn’t mean, that being an artificial, booming, announcer-type voice, demanding that you buy this product. “Conversational” has nothing to do with that.

Voice overs have come a long way. They used to be about a type of voice and delivery that never sounded like anyone you knew in real life. At one time they used to call it “the voice of God”. It’s a type of read that you still hear occasionally. Certainly movie trailer reads have that kind of thing…


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I'm in Disneyland!

Well, not ME - but my face and my voice are!
A couple of months ago I auditioned to be included in Grammy-winning composer Eric Whitacre's production "Glow", a piece commissioned by Disney for use in their "World of Color" production for winter 2013. 
I was thrilled and stunned to learn that my video recording of the song was accepted and incorporated amongst about 500 others to create this virtual choir production.  About 1700 folks submitted video auditions, so I'm…

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WOW crazy things do happen!

I am now the voice of my companies automated phone attendant system and mail box greetings. It does not pay, but thousands of people get to hear my voice every year! They are also promoting my work for our Tele/Data customers for greetings and advertising on hold.

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Happy Halloween - Client Horror Stories

You got the job!  You’re at the mic, you have the script and you did the audition.  You know exactly what you did in the audition and you are ready with your character.  You open your mouth and go through the first read.  The client says, “Great!  Now let’s try one just a bit more natural”  You think, “No problem”  You take another pass and yet again the client asks for it to be more natural “Just…


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Finding Your Niche Market

I have a special treat for you all this month, an article from a dear friend, a protege of mine, and on top of all of that  my wonderful assistant, John.  Bon appetite!

Finding your niche market.

  • Be willing to work outside of your chosen genre
  • Every spot that you do that is not “you” is a character
  • Voice over is still a business – make successful business choices.
  • You can still work toward your goals and dreams while finding success in other…

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Creating A Rate Sheet


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Why Isn’t My Demo Getting Me Work And Agents?!

So you have your demo, now what?w Why isn’t the work just coming in?  You were told to get a killer demo -  you spent the time and money to do that, and now you’re shopping it out to ‘EVERYWHERE’ and nothing!

Perhaps you’re getting a bit of work but no new bites coming…


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How to be an expert at VO success without ever succeeding at VO success

Yes, the articles, blogs and tips pop up here, there and everywhere and we all CRY "AWESOME DOOD!" ... We do it without thinking. What's wrong with them? No measurable evidence, nothing from the writer showing what they did and how it worked for them or people they know and followed by how to apply the same principles to your life/business.

Try this - You're at a murder trial and the defending lawyer addresses you and the rest of the jury at the end of the trial.



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