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animation and video game demos

Is it best to have a separate demo for animation and video games? Or can one combine the best of both demos? If a video game demo is better separate, what should it be called? I've heard the term 'interactive' used a lot but have never seen anyone actually use it.


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Is 2010 Your Year?

I’m dedicating this year to be the year of laughter, love, and living life to the fullest! It’s going to be my best year yet! A year to take hold of my passions and work to make my dreams a reality. A year to launch Voice Over Club, to speak at VOICE 2010, to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone!

I am passionate about what I do and am blessed to work from home as a voice talent, producer, and coach. I thoroughly enjoy all three aspects of what I do – they complete me. It… Continue

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Andrea Romano interview

As far as I'm concerned, the 90's were a golden age for television animation (Batman: the Animated Series, Animaniacs) and casting director Andrea Romano had a big part in that! I found a great interview with Andrea, conducted by none other than Bart Simpson! Cartwright. Andrea is very candid and shares some bittersweet moments starring some very famous voices.

Read the interview for yourself by clicking the links below.…


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Paul Frees

Paul Frees was the voice of Toucan Sam, Boris Badenov (Bullwinkle), Santa Claus, Jack Frost, the Burgermeister Meister Burger (Rankin-Bass), and the Disney Parks attraction "Haunted Mansion." He also did many commercials, some of which called for him to sound like Orson Welles (spot-on).

I found a couple of wonderful treasures on YouTube and have posted them in my videos, to share with you. Hop on over and hear Paul's demo-reel here:… Continue

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Attention All Yellow Bellied Chickens!

Hello my fellow VO's!

The 2009 edition of audio'connell's Unofficial Casting Call (this year for the Announcer for ABC’s “World News with Diane Sawyer”) will end THIS MONDAY, January 4, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. eastern US time (1700 hrs).

From that point, the judges will whittle all the submissions down to their 10 best and voting will begin. No, you won’t get the real job (it's a fake audition) and no there is no prize except for bragging rights. Just ask past winners David… Continue

Added by Peter K. O'Connell audio'connell on December 30, 2009 at 11:17am — 14 Comments

Thoughts On Thinking Big

You’ve heard or seen the chatter of certain individuals within and outside of our business who appear to know everything there is to know about their subject, their field of work or specialty. They say they are at the top of their game, boast of their material possessions and brag their credits constantly, and insist that taking any kind of training or learning anything new is useless and unnecessary.

In essence, they have stopped to grow their intellectual knowledge base.… Continue

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Transitioning into the New Era with some help....

Hello all.

I am new to the whole VO universe and am also determined to find a way to earn a small living doing this type of work. After a bizarre year of loss and bewilderment, I am starting life over again at 41 and am seeking a mentor or guide to finding my way on this path. I have a strong voice that decades of people have said I should use in this field. Yes, I have done on-air personality work and simple broadcast spots for local businesses, yet I am truly needing an 'IN' to the… Continue

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VU newbie seeking home studio advice

Hi there,

I'm new to Voiceover Universe and I'm looking forward to meeting other voices in the biz and learning lots.

After a LOOONG break between first testing the waters of voice-over (life kinda got in the way...), I am determined to persevere this time. I am currently in the process of setting up a home studio and I'd welcome any advice from other newbies. I have a MacBook, a Rode Podcaster mic and I'm teaching myself how to use Audacity software.

Just… Continue

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Holiday Magic, a Gift for Children of All Ages 2009 streamed live Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

My good friend Jon, owner of internet radio station has kindly offered to broadcast the Holiday Magic, a Gift for Children of All Ages 2009 CD in its entirety several times from Christmas Eve through Christmas Day in an effort to raise the much needed funds to distribute them to all of the sick kids at Children's Hospitals that need them. It is especially important this year as many hospitals have been forced to have… Continue

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It's Ok to Give In, Not Ok To Give Up!


One of the biggest misconceptions about the voice over industry that I have come across is that it is easy to be a full time voice over artist. Personally I would love to have enough clients to sustain me and my family month in and month out on the income that a lucrative voice over business can generate.

Alas my connections are not yet that vast and my income from… Continue

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DBX 286A Quickstart Guide

I received the following Quickstart Guide from Mike Hunter at DBX Harman International Technical Support

Start by setting all dials to the off position. And the output gain to 0 dB.


Gain-With the signal present, turn up the gain control until the 0 dB led lights, but the clip LED does not.

48V - This should only be pressed in if using a condenser mic that requires phantom power.

HighPass - Try… Continue

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Overnight, the world turned white…..I always like to go outside before snow plows and shovels ruin a perfect picture. There’s something very magical about the light reflected by billions and billions of unique crystals. Fallen from heaven, those tiny flakes perform a timeless, selfless act. Down to earth, they reflect the light of the moon and stars, giving back what they receive, before melting away, only to be reincarnated.

A… Continue

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GKN Weekly Update 12/21/09

Welcome to the final Good Karma Network Update for 2009! I hope everyone has dug out of the snow and is ready for the holidays.

So, this is the part when I take a moment to reflect on the year, both professionally and personally. Here's the breakdown...

In 2009 I did 97 voiceovers and landed 27 new clients. My revenue increased by 5% (considering the economy this year, I'll take it!). I was also under budget for the year.

Big gigs for 2009 include Nestle, Swiss… Continue

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Setting up a dbx 286A

For those of you who are running the 286 in your audio chain and are uncertain about setting it up, here is what I did. First of all let me say that I have purchased a great amount of equipment from John Lynch at After being concerned with my settings I called John and he referred me to BSW's chief technical engineer who spent a good thirty minutes on the phone with me walking me through the setup. We started by zeroing out all of the controls… Continue

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Dan Aykroyd In Studio for On Camera Narrative Opening for Film

this was in Santa Monica on Dec 15th, 2009

when Dan Aykroyd was doing his on camera introduction

for a film I am co-producing


Unbeaten website will be active in a couple of days

Unbeaten Press Release from Dan Aykroyd's studio shoot:…


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Roy Disney passes

It's hard to imagine that anyone interested in animation and voice-acting has not been impacted by the legacy of Walt Disney. Walt's nephew Roy Disney carried the torch and helped guide the company forward for many years. He passed away today at the age of 79. Here is a link to a letter from current Disney CEO Bob Iger, and a vintage video interview with Roy.…


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BPA FREE Advanced Workout Group Started

I've decided to name the new home studio Burger Palace Audio. It has become such a great place to audition, send in client reads and more importantly gather with my professional VO friends to work out, train, explore, experiment and refine the wild and challenging if not elusive VO read of today. We call it the BPA hardcore VO workout. It's run on Saturdays from 2-5 and I do not charge for it. Why? Becaue only those VO talent who are professional, working and serious about refining their reads… Continue

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Have Mic Will Travel & other thoughts

No doubt my home recording equipment more than paid for itself the first year I had it. I'm just as happy with the investment in the little USB travel mic I purchased from I travel a lot now back and forth between Michigan and Ohio (where, eventually, I will land full-time) and have never missed a voice-over audition, and have booked auditions I have recorded from hotel rooms, with pillows surrounding my laptop and copy on my computer screen. I think I spent around 160. I… Continue

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